Im The Lucky One , I Found An Angel

Me and  my wife have been married for right at 20 years she is my life we have had four Beautiful  kids together she has always been there for me even when i was a butt head she has always loved me , and i have always forgave her for her imperfections  as well . And I could not picture my life with out her.
Well, my wife is the typical woman in that she really does talk too much!  Neither of us have any other close friends, it's really only each other we've got. And that's fine, it seems as if we only have the time for each other anyway.
In fact we dont really have any other friends, either of us. My old friends turned out to be disappointments, and dropped away soon after I met her, and her friends were users who took advantage of her good nature. If I could, I'd stay home with her every day, in fact I plan to when our business becomes successful enough for me to quit my job or not have to go in every day .  I dont understand men who want to spend all their time with friends, or who moan about 'women', and how different they are. I've never connected with anyone the way I have with my wife, certainly not any friend. We have problems and arguments, but non of them ever keeps me apart from her . And I'll never under stand or pinpoint exactly what it is about her that has me so intrigued and in love with her the way I am , I actually ache to know that I've upset her at times , it truly hurts inside . 
             My wife actually started off as friends / Baby sitter before And then we became  closer and closer to each other  and married . We quibble and have our ticked-off moments with each other as I spoke of , but neither of us would be without the other. It's just pure love between us !
             I enjoy my wife's company very much so. She and I are best friends. We live for one another. I don't have to worry about my own happiness as she takes care of that and in return I do my best to make her happy. I can also share with you how wonderful it is to wake up and have her there with me. Even when we travel to the mountains together , we go to sleep together and wake up together. It does not mater when !
I enjoy my life with her. And would not want it any other way !!!!!......

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4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I will agree!
You won the lotto when you connected with her! She's a good one!

I hope this will come to me someday, good story TY

I don't think I said enough earlier, and have reread this several times. You've painted a great picture of two people deeply in love. We love you two and wish you more happiness

Well said.

I don't know, Red likes your fiction;)