"New Girl"

I believe in miracles. I joined this group not to share a big miracle with you all now but to share it someday when it happens..and my faith is that it will happen.
Am a case of MRKH syndrome...wherein girls lack uterus though eveything else will be normal. from d day of diagnosis till now i was strengthened by the almighty. he gave me the power to smile even with this deficit, which i suppose is difficult for any girl to tolerate..the thought of future has always made me cry..what is there for me, how my life is going to be, will i be all alone, will my life be full of cries..these thoughts keep pricking me..
but 1 day i will post in this same experience project how he blessed me...how this big deficit turned out to be a blessing for me..
he has his own plans..v need to just wait..he has worked many wonders in my life..several times he has conveyed to me not to worry and he is der with me...
this is my small story..may all be always blessed..take care of yourself and of others because there may be many who are bearing pain in their hearts and you may never know it..some can share pain, some cannot even if they want to..
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Jan 18, 2013