Three Times The Charm

We've three daughters. I know their names and ages, of course... but you don't need to know that!

Daughter one was born with a condition called Occipital Positional Plagiocephaly. Her skull was malformed, and caused her face to be malformed. Doctors told us that they could "fix" her - basically by cutting her face off... sectioning her skull... and then putting her back together. We ALL know how well that would work.
What you need to understand is that since I was 14 I've felt that I knew what this girl was going to look like - I knew what I was going to name her. So, I sat on the porch that night and wept, asking God "Why?", and saying that this wasn't the daughter He SHOWED me. His answer was "No, it isn't". So, we told the doctor we wanted a second opinion - test after test followed, and then the new surgeon came in telling us of helmets and treatments. Finally we said wait, what about the surgery? His answer was "No, we're going to do these things to give her room to grow, and God will heal her." He did.

Daughter two was stillborn. I'll never forget standing over her beautiful body and weeping - telling God that I didn't understand, but that I trusted him. I remember my tears falling on her as I cried, and my hand on her tummy. It was then that she began to cry. Daughter two is now ranked #1 in our state in one of her swimming events, and #6 in another. Amazing for a dead kid!

Daughter three was born with what is called a "Fixed inverted talus". You can look that up on the Internet of course. The long and short of it is that she can't walk, and would need surgery to repair the problem - along with 8-14 months of castings and therapy to "stretch" the ligaments... We went to the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, where they asked to make her a teaching case. Her deformity was "textbook", they said, and would be perfect for teaching how to fix this problem. It would mean extra tests and doctors, but they would pay for that. It seemed to bring some meaning to what she was going to face, so we consented.
On the day that the first casts and braces were to be installed, we went to the Shriner's hospital. The doctors studied the charts and X-Rays, and got all the materials into the room. Then they began to examine her ankle. After a moment they moved into the hall, back into the room, and then back into the hall. Finally, the head of orthopedics came into the room, and asked if it was in fact her right foot. It was. They walked out and conferred some more.
Moments later 6-7 doctors came back into the room. They didn't understand what had happened, they said, but her foot was completely normal. I remember telling him that _I_ understood - God wanted Him to know that HE Heals, and that there IS a mighty God in Israel. Today, I've coached her in Soccer and Basketball, and she is an elite swimmer. He still heals.

So yes, I believe in miracles.
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Awesome testimony to His goodness!!!

My daughter was not breathing when she was born and after a few minutes the Dr began to panic. My husband reached over, grabbed her from the Dr, placed his hand on her chest and yelled 'BREATHE IN THE NAME OF JESUS" within a second she took her first breath,turned pink and started screaming.

She is 27 and one of the 3 joys of our lives :)

Amazing! You and your family are blessed.

amazing testimony, thank you so much for sharing ! May i find even a fraction of your faith in my journey. God Bless

These testimonies help us increase our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks a lot for sharing!! I am happy for these miracles!! :)

Thank you, SoulRefreshner. I appreciate your feedback.
You should be on the RECEIVING end! It is really hard to worry about cash when little miss "Will never walk" is dancing all around the room and irritating little miss "Dead at birth"! And then "Scalped at birth" comes into the room looking beautiful and a man realizes that their is a God in Israel, and He WILL exert Himself on the behalf of His chosen ones... Makes you look at the day and say "Bring it!"

Amazing story. U are indeed blessed.

I am truly touched by your faith and God's Miracles. I also have been blessed with miracles and your story helps me to remember them. There are times I get so wrapped up in a crisis I try to fix the problem & forget to let it go & let God handle it better than I ever could. Thanks for sharing :)

great post

Thank you Stuwebb2

OMG, what a story! You are truly blessed. Beautiful!

Thanks, Chika. Now stop being such a stranger!

ME, a stranger! YOU haven't been on! Hugs and a velcro kiss.

WoW!! Miracles comes when you truly don't expected..The second child; the stillborn, now that's a remarkable miracle.. "God can heal the sick and raise the dead"...Thanks for sharing..

Thank you, Privatelysweet818. He can indeed!!!!