Desperately In Need Of A Financial Miracle

I believe in the power of God and in miracles. The Bible has countless tales of miracles but my favorite one is the miracle of faith. Now I know you are probably wondering how or why faith is a miracle. Faith is a miracle because it involves believing when there isn't a reason to...what I mean is a reason to believe in something that logic cannot explain.

Yes, I realize that my definition probably makes no sense but to me it does. I grew up going to church but faith was always something that was shaky with me. Sure I know that God exists but when it came to having faith that he would do things for me well that was iffy at best sometimes.  A miracle transformed the church I grew up in and thereby transforming me and my faith.

Digression aside I desperately and urgently need a financial miracle. I lost my job that and now am unemployed without the ability of Government State of Federal assistance and that's OK...well not really but there are others who need it more so than I. I know my faith and trust in the Lord is being tested and I will pass this test, for you see i have no other choice but to trust and believe that my miracle is coming.

The credit union who has said they would work with me  and understood my situation regarding my car payments has in my feelings re-nigged (yes I made up a word sorta lol) on their word to work with me. I have been sent to the repossession department. Luckily I received a call warning me of what was happening which for that i am grateful for....however I feel angry at the collections people for not telling me that Mrs. Gonzales was the end of the line. Why tell someone that you will work with them and that said Mrs. Gonzales would work with them if that was a lie?

Times are hard for EVERYONE and people need to have compassion because what if it was you who was jobless and desperately looking for something...ANYTHING and not able to obtain a means to support yourself? While I do not wish anyone to be in my shoes i do wish that people could and would understand. I know I'm not a loser but I feel like one as I only have $103 in  my one checking account and the other one well it has nothing in it. 

My long term savings have been exhausted during my two year well almost two year unemployment stint. It was a miracle back then to be able to make my car payments back then for which I was and am grateful. My belief in miracles is real as I am a walking miracle....surviving two near fatal hospital stays. One for a blood clot that traveled to my lungs and the other for passing out in a Walmart restroom and being rushed to the ER.

So if I can survive both of those life threatening incidents and come out OK I know that my financial miracle is possible.

Caramelicious Caramelicious
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2 Responses May 1, 2013

Father, I pray that this miracle will be granted, you saw me thru terrible times, and you can for this woman too. Amen.


Thank you