I Am a Living Miracle..of Course I Believe

I believe in Miracles..I am a living miracle and I thank God everyday that he spared my life and gave me the chance to tell my story.  The story begins below, but it is just the story of what my body went through physically..there is a lot that has been left out and that is in my blog and other stories here on EP..

I was in a car accident when I was 21-years-old.  I was the passenger in a car driven by anger.  The driver of the car lost control and the car flipped approximately 7 times.  In the process, I was ejected from the car and my body was found approximately 75 feet from the initial accident site.  I hit a tree, and my spine was broke in two different places.  When I was finally found, I had no pulse and I was not breathing.  I was also bleeding very badly from my head.  The paramedics were called as the first person on the scene attempted CPR.  When the paramedics arrived, they shocked me to get a pulse and succeeded the first try.  They quickly hooked me up to respirator tubes and tried to keep oxygen in my body. 

In the helicopter, on the way to the hospital, they lost my pulse again..but regained it by once again shocking me..

As my family arrived at the hospital where I was airlifted, they were told that I was not stable, and would be lucky to live through the night.   From what they knew, I had a broken spine, a broken femur bone, collapsed lungs, and a very traumatic brain injury.  They also were not sure how long I had went without oxygen before CPR was initially performed. 

After I made it through the first 24 hours, they told my family that I would be lucky to live the next 48.  They said that if I did, they would do a brain scan to see if there was any brain activity.  After that time frame, I was still alive, on a respirator, but alive none the less.  They performed the first brain scan and found no brain activity.  My brain was hemmorhaging and bleeding and there was no activity.  They told my family that if I ever regained any conciousness, I would be in a vegetative state. 

My mother and father, kept praying, along with hundreds of others in my area.  They kept telling themselves, no..not this girl..you dont know her..

Weeks went by and then turned into months..two to be exact..when I came out of my coma for the first time.  I was alone, except for the medical staff, and opened my eyes and began to pull the tubes and wires that were cluttering my body..of course, I also set off the alarms.  The staff quickly sedated me and the doctor's told my family that they would slowly let me come to by lessening the sedative medicine that they had administered. 

Day by day, I came out of my sleep..and I had my memory..I new my name, and my family..although I could not talk or move really (I had a tracheotomy).  The doctor's had no explanation. 

I was moved a couple of weeks later, from the trauma unit to ICU..and then another week later to rehab.  They could not understand how I was recovering so quickly.  After a month and a half in rehab with intense physical therapy..I left the hospital in a new ride..a wheelchair.  Although I was paralyzed from the waist down (at the time) I had my mind, my spirit and my memory.  I was the same spunky girl that my family had told the doctor's was going to beat the statistics..and I did. 

The only explanation to this is prayer...with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE..(Matthew 19:26) 

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God bless you dear

Are u religious

I have cousins who were in a terrible car accident too, and one of them had a very bad tbi. She is coping well now, she has bouts of emotional instability at times, but otherwise, she is great. I believe in prayers too, and your story is a very good example of the power of prayers.


Wow. What an incredible journey you've been through. Thank you for the inspiration, and to remember to appreciate the moments we breathe and the moments we have to be alive and with people around us.

What a fantastic story! Too bad you don't come in to EP anymore....

I don,t know much but i know GOD is able, and the power of praying together, you are bless

God's love is so big n his mercies too

it's great to see some faith in God and His goodness! thanks for your refreshing story

I believe in miracles because all that exists in the world of air, water, earth, fire, sun, moon, stars, breathing, living, moving organs in our body are constantly moving with or without awareness (blood flow, bowel movements digestive orggan ) and others are miracles.
so it would be nice if we cherish, protect and preserve all that we live, and sema get and enjoy the goodness in the world.

My grandfather went through something similar. It was just... a fall from the top of a 40 foot building onto dry ground below. He's still alive, so miracles do happen, and it sucks that not everyone believes so.

Praise God beautiful! I am inspired by your story. It keeps me going on my walk with God. This story is confirmation that prayer works. Trust, believe, and have faith. Through God all things are possible. Proverbs 3: 5-6. Thank God you are alive and well. The people need your testimony!

I wish I could spend some time with you - would probably walk away a stronger person

Thank you for such an inspirational story. My husband broke his neck playing football
for CAL in 1948. He passed away at age 82, 3 years ago. I believe he was the longest living quad in history. He was a marvelous example for man. Worked, drove his own carpool, served on several boards. had a great sense of humor and optimistic outlook on life. Needless to say I miss him as he was my rock. I was 22 years younger, but his spirit was never that of an old man. So my dear friend the best to you.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with you being just lucky... Its not like there are 1000's of people who had people praying for them just as hard during their accidents and ended up disabled for life.

And its not like there aren't people who have killed and raped and had their back broken in three places and recovered just fine to continue to kill and rape....

Yeah ... luck and modern medicine, trained hospital stuff who spent entire life studying and practising have nothing to do with it... Its just a miracle lol.

It a miracle... Idiot...


That is true, but you can't "fight" the irrationality of faith, no to use another word...

Having lived thru an accident where the family was called to hospital after fracturing or breaking 27 bones 12 operations approximately 475 stitches
42 hours of surgery in the 8 days. Hundreds of people in my church praying and prayer chains all over america i lived. Told i would never walk again. With the lord s help not only am i walking taking almost full time care of my grandson and after 3 years of often grueling p t. I m back to work on a parttime basis. Every day for me is a gift from god. People like yourself are an inspiration to me. God spared both of our lives so that we can be an inspiration to others especially the people we may come across who may be discouraged and some hope. God bless you and may your story touch and inspire all those who you come in contact and change lives in a way that our Lord and Savior Jesus can change lives. The Lord has taken the most difficult and trying experience of my life and has turned it into blessings far beyond anything my mind would have ever been able
to comprehend.

There just have to be those 'negative nancy' types! Either way you look at the coin, you're a miracle, be it one of Gods', or a medical miracle, a miracle is a miracle by any other name.

I don't see any miracles, only superb work by medical professionals. Or maybe it was a miracle and god hates the people that die.

So all the people who have died in car accidents are worthless and desurved to die in gods plan. Makes sense.

Well, exactly, over the years many people, sadly, face the same situation, and in fact the person dies. And this, although this person is good and with lots of prayers for this person.
I can't stand this lack of consideration for those who end-up dying. It is in fact insulting

I am very pleased to be able to post on your story. I may not know you, but I'm glad you're here today. When I think of uncommon/strong people, it's people like you I think of. Bless you!

What an amazing account. It just goes to shw that those who say the age of miracles is past are so wrong. Reading youyr account how , through prayer you overcame all the odds reminded me of the lnes from Tennyson's poem 'The Passing of Arthur: "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."

That is amazing God is soo good!!

oh yes, sure, you seem to forget about all the kids dying in africa or the ones who despite prayers and being very good people, end-up dying. From this perspective, God is just dreadful...

I like your story of overcoming this. Wow. You went through something very serious. Car accidents are rough > but to flip over like that multiple times and be ejected and so forth. That is like just wow. Now it is great that you survived and I like your story and how you tell it. I like that you have maintained a happy positive inner spirit after this and that you encourage others. But I am just trying to understand some things. If it was a miracle from God then why did Doctors and medical staff have to revive you and work on you and so forth? I mean I am Glad that you survived. But just because you did survive > that doesn't necessarily mean it was intervention from God. I mean in the story you mention how you were out of it > and lost your pulse but the medical staff like used the fribulator to shock you back to life. Well that is good but it seems more to me that the medical staff saved you not any God. Where is there really a God in this story? Other than in your mind? I mean you mention doctors working on you Rehab and so forth. Looks to me like the medical staff helping you out and your will to live is what got you better. I dont see any real evidence that any God did anything. If God did this then the medical staff and doctors and hospitals wouldn't be needed. Maybe your right. I am not sure. <br />
but I find that religious people often give credit to some God they believe in when it seems more clearly it was something else that helped out. Me I like to believe in God. I do try. At times I belive in God very surely and at other times I am skeptical.. because a lot of the times people say God did this or did that.. I dont see any real evidence that anything supernatural happened. I mean there are lots of Atheists who have been in sever car wrecks like you have and they pulled through it in a very unusual way.... like they pulled through it against what the odds would dictate. So sometimes Things can just work out against the odds. <br />
Now I have a question? Do you believe that if people didn't pray that things would gave gone differently? do you think you would not have made it if people did not pray? I am not trying to rain on your parade. but I am just trying to figure out what is real and true and what is fantasy. One thing that gets me about the whole God thing is why does it have to always be buy faith. If God is real and wants people to know that he is real and that he saved somebody.. why doesn't he show up. <br />
Or why doesn't this God just speak out loud. why didn't God speak and say to the medical staff stand aside > you don't need to use a fribulator/ I am going to save her.. and then angles show up or suddenly something supernatural happens that everybody can see? why doesn't God work like that? I am just trying to understand. I am trying to separate fact from fantasy. One thing I know for sure is that Goodness is the way of life and you are a very good person. <br />
so it does make sense that God would want to save you because you are a special lady. I just get confused with all of this. Because I have also know some very good people like you who died very easily in an accident no where near as severe as yours. So I have to wonder about this. Also I have know of some people who were just horrible wicked people and they lived through a bad accident and I wonder. I would like to see more evidence of something supernatural before people go saying God did this and God did that. It is possible that good things can happen without it being specifically a God ordained thing.

Wow! As a mother I can't imagine what your parents and the rest of your family and close friends went through. Not to mention what you went through emitionally and physically. I am glad you are here today! For sure you are a very loved young lady, all those prayers from your family and friends brought you back!<br />
<br />
Enjoy your second chance and make the best out of it!<br />
<br />
God Bless!

It's a true miracle. I wish I could here more stories like yours. Well, the part that you beat the odds and that you made it through. I knew somebody who's friend's daughter died in a car chrash and she was only about 3 or 4 years old. It was a terrible day when I found out what happened. There is deffiently an angle up there watching over you.

Amen!! That is a remarkable story and I'm so happy that you are here to tell it!

You'r story is very inspiring and brings me joy to hear of your amazing recovery. I can feel you are a special person thanks you for sharing and keep being you :)

That is truly amazing. Your story stuns me. Your family must love you very very much! Thank you so much for sharing. You are an incredible person!

This is truly a miracle.

I too had many miracle,too numerous to tall all. One was I was drinking,I was being tapped on lightly by Mother Mary to pray! I never 'pray' when drinking,as we all know_that when at least when I drink,my minds in oblivion..I couldn't't stop that urge & push to pray & pray now! It bothered me to the point of saying OK I'll do it now! At that time i didn't't' know it a very near & dear one was dying as i was being urged summoned? to pray urgently,feverishly etc..I got Mother Marys situate w/my wedding bands & cross hanging on her praying hands & put it on the kitchen table,(i never did/do this) and started praying pacifically for this person more so,idk why then,_but I know now! she WAS BLEEDING INTERN LY (ectopic pregnancy)...I got a call from the hospital to tell me my daughter was in grave danger & B-Internally..<br />
I got there as fast as i could & remembered the 'prayer' told hubby (her father) who was @that time a agnostic that if u everr needed to pray everrr IT'S NOW! We had to wait for her Doctor & his team,meanwhile she's fading away! I prayed like NEVER b4 & she was miraculously saved! She died several times,the Doctor lost her on the table he told us that..it was definitely touch & go! It happened again,i told the hospital doc's not to x-ray her,she has ectopic pregnancy again,they said i was right! They never admit that,he did this me..<br />
<br />
I must add that I am a believer in God... w/out the religion_been there done that! I know there is truth in somethings but in all things there is truth! God will tell us his truth when we stop telling him ours~<br />
<br />
This is not the only miracle/s i had in my lifetime. I always tell all I can there's Magic & Miracles for you... if you believe! I know magic happens i witness it too many time enough to make my husband & any one who does not believe BELIEVE! I have proof,every time! Also the CROWS tell me of a death everytime,i proved that too! I told them this time when they tell me & come,that someone in our circle is going to die,soon..we get calles from them s well. Lights flicker,the phone tracer comes on etc..<br />
<br />
THAT'S MY PROOF!!!I remain silent about it no more! I got tired of not being believed so now i am opened aguess it was a given. I know much about this stuff i was born w/it,nothing i can do about it,it came w/me. I'm stuck w/weirdness & call me what u want,i am not my label...I AM! IS ALL~<br />
<br />
If anyone WANTS to Q me ABOUT ANYTHING @ ALL,ASK...I help all who need it & ask me sincerely & genuine must you be,i'll know k? lol..I am no dam push nor a fool,so don't roll Ur eyes & think me CrAzY or ANYTHING LIKE THAT_I AM YOU~bout ihis,i hate being called a liar & CrAzY!<br />
<br />
I DIDN'T'T' WANT to SCARE or FREAK anyone OUT_so NOW THEY KNOW! I am a psychic but hate that label & it's attachments that come w/being a psychic,so i try to keep it a secret but when i tell others about whats going to go down,they already know there's something about me. I was born on Halloween,so it was a given~<br />
<br />
Thank me 4sharing...lol...Thanks for reading~;-)-,

what a mighty god done a miraculous healing my sister.praise the lord ever and ever

that is a good story, goes to show that if God wants you here, there is nothing to stop Him from keeping you here. i really feel that we are all living miracles. Every breath you take is a miracle and that we are at all is a miracle. Our God is amazing and that He loves us enough to send His Son Jesus to die on a cross for our sins, so that we might be with Him is something that i will never get over. I love my Father so much, He tells me every day that He is with me. Thank you for this experience and God Bless you. David


hi dear friend ,iam from Land of religious ,where u can feel the presence of god every where.I do belive in miracles and the incident which happen to u belive me u are really luckythat some one is with u from god's side .JUST KEEP ON PRAISING UR GOD FOR WHAT HE HAD DONE BY GIVING U ANOTHER LIFE AND ALSO ONE MORE THING ---------PRAYERS ARE ALWAYS ANSWERED LATE OR EARLY ,,,,U WILL GET A FRUITFUL REWARD WHEN U ARE ANSWERED LATELY MUCH MORE THAN WHAT U WERE EXPECTING ....

A truly amazing testament that God still has plans for you in this world. This story is one of many ways that your work as an Angel of His is still part of that plan. God is speaking through you and I heard His message today.


this is encouraging

Anyone who have the spirit of Christ have a hidden treasure.God keep you alive for a very good reason and he will rveal it to you later on,just keep yourself open to do his only will and his alone.I am glad he save your life.Glory to him!now and forever.I will keep you in my prayers!<br />
<br />
Peace and good and best wishes of holiness!<br />
<br />

thats what you call amazing...

There is nothing else on this planet, I could have such a firm belief on. Believing in anything makes it happen, of course within the laws of nature. I totally agree with you. I wish you a wonderful life and do keep firm belief in miracles:)

Wonderful, wonderful story ! How great to read you are here today and giving God the glory for protecting you through such a tramatic accident - and reading you had so many who surrounded you in prayer through that ordeal ! Thank you for sharing your story - Rob Cromwell

This story was very touching! I'm glad that you happily survived this and had faith to keep you alive. Very nice.

UnperfectAngel - Thank you very much for sharing your incredible story. You really have received a tremondous miracle. I too am a Christian and love hearing of miracles like yours.<br />
<br />
I ask that God will continue to bless you and give you all that He has planed for you.

so sad story.<br />
Thank god that he miracaly saved you.<br />
To god nothing is impossible, <br />
he can make a human from nothing. <br />
We should ask god help for each and everything.<br />
Pray for you.

I am happy to note that you have a firm belief in GOD. Such miracles are examples to our learning for his power. People who say I.., I have done ...., and osn are nothing but display of their proud. Believe me proud do not stand before GOD. Proudy one has to see low, it is a must. No one has seen GOD. Any human being who does selfless service to his fellow human is an act of GOD. GOD inspires another human for necessary help of your. Indian have deep belief in GOD and power of GOD. If you integrate you deisre with your soul, singlesidedly, you may leave the wheel chair. You can try "ANULOME-VILOME" pranayam 30 minutes mrning evening. You may see another miracle in your health condition.

my dear, The GOD of Abraham, Isaec and Jacob is ur GOD. He said and I quote him: For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11<br />
<br />
Psalm 91 :16 With long life will He satisfy you and show u His salvation.

I am soooooo very HAPPY you are OK! This is an incredible story and it reminds me the "miracle man" featured in the movie The Secret, who crashed the plane and recovered COMPLETELY so that he literally walked away from the hospital on his own. Doctors were in awe and out of explanation. You did something similar I guess. THANK YOU so much for sharing this incredible story. I will be sending you a lot of positive energy. Wish you all the best! I love miracles!<br />

a testament to the fact that the human body can endure such trauma. There are many avenues built within us that allow such a "miracle" to occur. No matter what you believe, everybody in the world can take comfort and strength from our bodies to allow us to persevere through any hardship.

You are and inspiration to all. We are miracles but you are exceptional. <br />
God Bless You and keep on blessing you.

You def are an angel! and you have shown your beauty through this experience and story! <br />
May life bring you even more reasons to show your beauty!<br />
<br />

You almost made me cry, I'm so sorry that happend to you, I'm so proud of you! Thank God you are still alive and you have a beautiful spirit.

Really Inspiring...<br />
Glad to see you here. was lucky to find this story cuz I really needed that. Would u be one of my friends?


glad you came through,some one, some thing, power of peoples good intesions? helped you what ever! gog bless you,

I'm so glad you made it, and that is my all time favorite scripture, With him all things are possible. I believe that is true. My bf almost died after his kidney and pancreas transplant.

There is no security in beliefs. I mean if god saved you then that begs the questions why did he allow you to crash with severe injuries. The problem with beliefs is that they can change for no reason other than one now believes something else. <br />
<br />
There's a tale where a christian says to a hindu you say there are many gods we say there is one god. The reply was, no, you say there is one god, we say there is *only* god. <br />
<br />
I have no fear of death, however it would be difficult for me to cope with severe injuries such as you have endured. Nevertheless, with or without your belief, you still suffer from the fundamental human problem caused by the inevitable and erroneous belief that what you are is the mind body complex <br />
<br />
This comes about because all philosophies either see matter as the substantive and consciousness as an attribute, or they see both as equal. However there is one view which correctly see that consciousness is in fact the substantive and everything else is merely a form, including time and space.<br />
<br />
The difficulty with this is the western view that see consciousness, as an adjective. An attribute to some form. So the body or mind is seen as being conscious. Whereas the particular view I refer to is sees consciousness as a noun. A substantive, and everthing is but a form of this limitless consciousness. Which is what you are. Full and complete. There is nothing to do, there is no becoming. You already are what you want to be. The problem is one of knowing, not doing.<br />
<br />
sorry for the little stream there, I don't know what came over me.<br />
<br />
not sure if I'm allowed to post links here but this is the only site I would recommend for more information. It's very thorough. I would suggest perhaps listening to the one called Purushartha, insight into human pursuits<br />
<br />


I think you're living proof that God exists, my friend.

Wow. That's amazing. I'm glad you recovered so well. You have a very inspiring story to tell.

O my god that is a touching story! Im so happy for you that you made it through that.

im glad you are ok now.hugs

Thank you for this uplifting story of what happened. God works in mysterious ways and you are living proof of what an awesome God we have!! HUGSZZ!!

that is quite the incredible story. i was deeply touched. it also brought me back to a few months ago when my younger 17 year old sister was in the car with a drunk driver and the girl who was driving was doing an excessive 65mph in a 20mph windy road. My sister yelled for the girl to slow down, but being the drunk fool that she was, she ended up swiping 6 trees, and then crashed into the 7th tree head on, and with that impact the car almost bounced away from the tree and rolled down into this little ditch area. Luckily a woman in a house nearby heard the accident and came out to see what was happening. My sister didn't have her seatbelt on. Her friend was frantic worrying that she was going to get into trouble, while my sister was screaming for her bloody life "HELP ME". Soon after yelling for help she ended up going unconscious. We got the call and rushed to the trauma center. We had no idea the extent of her injuries or if she would live or anything. Eventually the doctors finished checking her out and boy was she the luckiest girl. She somehow only ended up with a broken nose, broken face bones all in her cheeks, and her jaw got screwed up a bit and her eye was protruding out of the socket. And then some cuts and bruises. Although she looked horrible compared to the supermodel face she had prior, she was so lucky. She is currently working with doctors and surgeons to fix everything up. <br />
I do believe that everything happens for a reason and that miracles do happen. The car my sister was in only needed to be an inch the other way and she could have been dead. <br />
<br />
I commend you for all you have been through. You are such a strong person.<br />
Good luck with everything, and thanks for your story.

Emptyheart: Thank you so much for your comment..It means the world to me :)

I got goosebumps reading your story. You are truly amazing.

Relic..I actually still keep in touch with my trauma nurses and go to visit them frequently, since I speak in the same hospital that I was a patient in. I also had the opportunity to meet the pilots of the helicopter that med flight me to the hospital. It was a very moving moment, and I tearfully told them how grateful and blessed I was to have had them called to the scene that night. <br />
<br />
I know that God put them in the right place at the right time, with the knowledge and compassion to save my life. :)

I'm happy that you're alive and welll. Not many can say the same, but I think I'd be thanking the paramedics before I thank god.<br><br><br />
God may or may not had an influence over the situation but one things for certain, if it wasn't for modern medicine or the people attempting to save you're life, you WOULD be dead.<br><br><br />
I hope you had the heart to thank them as well.

God has blessed you with life. I am so glad you got to tell your story. :-D

I do have flash backs from when I was in a coma, but they happen when I am asleep. I dream that my family and friends are talking to me, but I can not open my eyes..when I asked my family about things I heard in my "dreams" they were the exact things that they said to me when I was in a coma.

Type your comment here...

I had a similar experience but this time, it did not involve a car accident. Do you remember anything while you were in the coma? I am starting to have flashbacks from mine. I write them down before they fade away. Hope you have a full recovery and a good life.

Thank you so much Michelle..and you are so right..Im not the one to cry over spilled milk..haha. God Bless

What an incredible story! It's great that you are sharing it with us......I bet you don't cry over spilt milk... Good luck in all that you do. Michelle

Your survival in spite of that near death experience indicates that you are destined to be amongst us all here to share your feelings and learn that nothing in this world can surpass His will.

This is the proof of God's grace on His progeny in spite of their ignorance and helplessness but strong will to live.

Your survival in spite of that near death experience indicates that you are destined to be amongst us all here to share your feelings and learn that nothing in this world can surpass His will.

Your survival in spite of that near death experience indicates that you are destined to be amongst us all here to share your feelings and learn that nothing in this world can surpass His will.

Yep. I'm very sorry about what happened to you. It's very, very incredible and unfortunate, like something out of a movie. I think that there's something for you to do. I think that God has spared you because there is something that you can do to help us. I wonder what it is and hope you discover it. Maybe sharing your story was and is, the first step.<BR><BR>Thank you and your parents and everyone who prayed for you. I like it when doctor's are proved wrong and mystified by the many miracles of God. <BR><BR>I'd really like it if you left a comment on my story about happiness. I think you have something to add to it.

Missy: Thank you so much for your comment and yes you are right. It was not my time..God spared my life for a purpose greater than I can imagine. Blessings to you!

Your story proves that what is meant to happen will happen, and will only leave this earth when it is time for us to go. :-)<br />
<br />

Truly amazing story ! God has other plans for you indeed. Keep that fun free spirit alive. Glad you are here to share your story. BIG HUGS sent your way :-)

Well if I didnt believe in some higher power, be it God, Goddess, Angels whatever you would like to call them, boy they were looking out for you babe.<br />
You being here is proof that no matter what happens from now on, you have such an inner strength that you should call upon when times are ******.!! <br />
So glad to have read your story..what an inspiration you are<br />
xoxo<br />

I agree with both CPA and Josie<br />
<br />
I glad to have you as a friend

I agree with both CPA and Josie<br />
<br />
I glad to have you as a friend

Thank you so much...I am glad too..for I have met some of the best and most caring friends here on EP..<br />
*luvs&hugs*<br />

(((((Hugs))))) I am so glad you are here today.

Thankyou Jesus for my dear sister here. I was meant to find you. God rescued me from alot of incidents , text me at 617-513-7727. He gave me the strength to witness to people that have lost a parent to cancer and made me a holistic nutritionist [ Matthew ] love you sister