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I'm Still Alive and Kicking

 Haven't been arrested, convicted or killed yet.  In spite of all my foolish attempts at being an idiot, I'm still loved.  I consdier all that a miracle.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 19 Responses Feb 4, 2009

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I try to tell it like it is, my gakusei.

youre a miracle Sense~san!

We are all such tawdry flirts here on EP aren't we? In real life we'd just sit in the corner looking at someone hoping they see us and respond and yet fearing it at th same time. Such children we are.

I prefer Mayo. Now, they even have bacon flavored Mayo for those that shouldn't eat meat? What will it be next, Nan and Ladee flavored Mayo?

Well, ladies! Am I a ham sandwich between two lovely ladies? Such a dream! My head is spinning with the thoughts.

Hey, Ladee! This is fun! Do, you've got two girls fighting over you! Heeheehee!

I try to charm and sometimes it works. Nan,you've been a good friend, and I appreciate that. Life is really too short to be mean to each other.

hahai guess i should consider myself lucky too!

Well, Nan, I try. In person I can be charming or a pain in the ***, depending on who you are and how you treat me. I try to be nice to everyone, well, not everyone, but the vast majority. It's a lot of fun helping people to build themselves up. That kind of energy rubs off on others too. Have a great day. Sorry it took awhile to get back to you.

I try. Sometimes I catch a butterfly!

Thank you. I consider that a lovely compliment.

Do, you are SUCH a charmer!

You're too shiny for my eyes! Such beauty! I can see all the colors reflected in your light.

Ah, how nice! Diamonds, cut correctly, shine off in many tangents, like my thoughts? Sometimes the reflected light is prettier than the source. So, I hope the words I type somehow are transformed from time to time and find their way to someone who needs to hear them at that moment. Words like, "Watch out, a truck!!!"

Hahaha. I love diamonds! And EP has a few.....

Dorobo and WM:<br />
<br />
Diamonds. Your life experiences have ground you into diamonds.

I do believe in miracles for many things. Many times I could of died. Abuse in my childhood, physical trauma, satanic abuse, domestic abuse, accidents, skydiving (close call), health, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, addiction, etc., The thought of driving while drunk makes me shutter. I also consider myself unfortunate for never being pulled over and facing my consequences. During the last time I was drunk (1993 - 2006) I swore up and down I would Never drive that way again. I don't know who I was trying to fool.....the black-out I remember coming of while driving, I was going up a very steep hill with 1 eye closed. I try to count my blessings everyday.

I remember driving 85 miles an hour down the freeway way over the limit and seeing a highway patrol on the opposite side of the freeway giving someone a ticket. It caused me to slow down and give thanks for never being ticketed for speeding while drunk. I sobered up for a few months but was driving drunk again, unfortunately. I never got ticketed and finally gave the whole thing up. I seldom have a drink now and never go more than one. Someone might owe their life to my abstinence. Sobering thought.

Ha!Ha! When you said, "foolish attempts at being an idiot" I laughed because mine weren't just attempts, they were unheralded successes! Miracles and luck go hand in hand sometimes.