It Really Happened

On two different occasions, my gas tank was filled miraculously.

I was going through a rough time financially, and it really happened. The first time, I drove my daughter to the doctor with very little gas, unsure if we were going to make it all the way home or have to push the car. The gauge was almost on E when I went into the doctor's office. When we left the doctor's office, I glanced at my gauge to determine whether we were likely to be pushing the car, and the tank was full.

The second time, I had some appointments to keep as I was "trying" to sell insurance. I checked the gas gauge and it was almost empty. I had no idea how I was going to get gas to keep my appointments, but I just went on about my business of preparing. 45 minutes later, I went out to get into my car, and when I started the car, the gas gauge read full. No one was around either time who could have filled my gas tank, and it opens from inside.

One might think it was a problem with the gas gauge, but both times, the tank should have been empty based on previous usage. And the second time, I drove from North Houston to Seabrook area and many miles around that area on the tank of gas, so it was real. Not only that, but at the end of the day, after keeping my appointments, I drove from Seabrook to my home in North Houston on the 1/8 of a tank of gas that was left. My car doesn't get that kind of gas mileage.

I haven't been able to recreate these occurrences. I think that's because they weren't intended to be an easy way for me to fill my gas tank, but an assurance that divine help is available to us all.

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I hope that happens to my car also. ^^

The Lord is merciful and great. He was there for you and has been there for me more times than I can count. On of these times, when I was about 19 years old, I was driving home on a 2 lane street. I liked driving in the left hand lane because I had never seen anyone make a left hand turn at a place where they would block the left lane while stopped and waiting to turn. This the only street I would do this on. While driving on this day I was listening to the radio and a particularly irritating commercial came on so I bent over to change the station and when I looked up, a car directly in front of me had stopped to wait to turn left! There was no way that I could stop in time and to make matters worse, there was a car in the right lane on my side. I was boxed in and I figured a direct hit would hurt me more than a glancing blow, so i gripped the wheel and braced for the impact I knew was coming. But... it DIDN'T! There was no way that I or the car next to me could stop and the car turning left was still there! I pulled over into the first parking lot I came to. I tried to light a cigarette but my hands were shaking so bad I" couldn't. God is good!

I volunteer at a local hospital giving massage and reiki, and I have always been one to help where I can, not to give back, but because love is what I am, so I can't help but give it.

Interesting story, you sure have a guardian angel, I read a book on angels and people that are assisted by angels such as your case, should return the favor back, either by volunteering for the homeless, or helping out another human being, it is a way of thanking the angels for their time and kindness!!

God is awasame. When you need help he provide a way or a person. He know what we need even in our cars. He has helped our family out. All he ask is to pass it on and help other when he opens the door. God bless you