Can't Not Believe In Miracles!

I guess first I would have to define what I think miracles are before I decide if I believe in them.  Well for me a miracle is when something bad didn't happen.  A while ago, I was in the car with my mom and we were so engrossed in a conversation.  Mom didn't realize that she was about to go through a red light and go into oncoming traffic.  She slammed on the breaks at the very last moment while at the same time the oncoming car saw us talking and he swerved to avoid us.  We narrowly escaped what would have been a deadly car accident.  I consider that escape a miracle. 

A man from my church was a truck driver who made almost weekly cross county trips.  He was driving along a major interstate when he suffered a massive heart attack.  Thankfully as he collapsed he must have hit a bump in the road that made the trailer veer off the road.  Although he did die, I still consider it a miracle that the out of control tractor trailer that was traveling in at 65 miles an hour did not hit any of the hundreds of cars around it when it veered off the road. 

Some people may want to question these things as just mere coincidences.  I find it more comforting to think that if a miracle is when something bad doesn't happen, then I am blessed many times over in my life.  Its better to feel grateful for the good things in life then to feel bitter about the bad. 

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good for you, i am not a Christian , i do belive in God, but not religion propogated ones, So i am what i am, i have friends of many faith, infact my mother side are all christians of various denomination, Roman cathlolic, Adventist, Methodist, Wesley. my friends are mostly of Muslim, buddhist, Hindu, taosit , Parsi, Judiasm, Sikhism, Jains , Athesit, what i have seen is religion can be an obstacles and miracles are viewed as holy or unholy depending on the nature of it's revealation, I for one am very happy to see people recover, get back to stable life, be very socialy conscious, so for you, it is a gift of the power above us , using it to help the downtrodden is a good salvation of life 's many wonderful journey, hope you will be the eternal sunshine to the needy

I am a Christian who regularly is exposed to the supernatural I have had loads of near misses in my time. I use most of the gifts of the Spirit. Nowaday taking the rubbish out and praying for somebody to get healed both come naturally to me now. My wife / mum had to train me to take the rubbish out and I got used to doing the supernatural stuff prettty much on the same principle just practice

For me miracles happen for a reason, just too bad it did not happen to me, all my life i have to toil till i was heavily in debt, still am, the miracle lender somehow did not happen to me, many of my friends have benefitted and lift themselves up through some benefactor or compassionate individuals or group. I for one have not been the reviever of this sort of miracle and mind , i also know a lot of folks are in the same predicamnet just like me, therefore who are still waiting, i guess it is one long wait for breath of relief, cest al vie

I 100% + BELIEVE in miracles....... Every morning when I wake up and don't see my name in thObituary column, THAT is a miracle.....When you see the sun come up in the AM, thats a miracle.

I definitely believe in miracles! Thanks for sharing your story :)

You are so awesome! your words have helped me realize what miracles have hapened in my life. Many times I have out myself in dangerous situations and God spared me. Countless miracles every day! Thank you.....

I agree, I've had miracles in my lie too. Sometimes I forget them, then I read something like this, and it reminds me of more miricals in my life too. Thanks for reminding me and God bless.