Seen Some Too.

Not that I would have to see a miracle to believe... there are just too many stories out there for them to all be made up - that's just silly. But my own miracle is simply being alive. I have had many NDEs but one in particular... Well, lets just say I got shocked with enough electricity to kill an elephant. I was not injured. I am still waiting for someone to give me a scientific explaination, and I imagine I will be waiting for quite a while longer.

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Are you presuming that I do not already follow God? Have you seen my profile? Why do people post stuff like this...?

Depends on the amperage. Think of volts as the speed of an ob<x>ject, amps as the size of that ob<x>ject. High volts, low amps... might be like having a pebble thrown really hard at you. High enough amps... and that pebble becomes a freight train. low amps = 1-5 high anything over 30-35. volts are considered high over 200 or 300.<br />
I was shocked by am improperly installed fuse box, which was not grounded. 350 volts, 45 amps. Hospitals use less than half that to stop a human heart before open heart surgery.