Wife's Mouthsoaping

Wives are like parrots. They will repeat what they hear. I've had to wash my wife’s mouth out with soap many times, and she still hasn't stopped swearing. I diligently remind all my guests to watch their language around her and I never ever swear even when in the house alone. When I was dating my wife she never swore. But now her girl friends, all mothers, swear like there are only four letter words in the dictionary. I don’t think I can stop them from swearing. But I can at least try with my wife. So she now has to keep a plastic patio chair with a bar of soap on the seat in the bath tub. So if I need to, it is all set up for a soaping of her mouth. It is also a constant reminder for my wife that swearing is not allowed.
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Lomaz, I think that's weird. Not the soap part, so much she "can't" quit swearing! I think could give up ANYTHING (except my cat) to keep from getting the soap! Ugh; it's awful even getting a little in your mouth my accident! Are you sure she is getting enough POSITIVE attention from you?

You are just a tyrant and an *******. You must have a penis the size of a peanut.
Is that her fault too??

Soap contains lye which is a caustic chemical, toxic when ingested.
What you are doing is illegal and dangerous.

I think this is so sexist and makes the woman unable to be themselves. Punishing an adult for swearing? Really? If it works for you, and you want to do it, then all the power to you.Obviously this punishment isn't working for you too though. And more than once in two to three months can cause serious problems. Not always, but it really can.

So stay out a DD group duh

I'm not in any domestic discipline groups. And what I said at the beginning wasn't entirely true. I disagree with it, but I might want to try it. I was fighting with my boyfriend a lot, and eventually I broke up with him because he wanted to practice domestic discipline, and I didn't. Even though I do think it's sexist, it's helped so many people's relationships, I might try it.

I don't think it has helped anyone's relationship.

No one has the right to hurt you. Period.
Stick to your guns. Do what you believe is best for you. I hope everything works out for you!!!

kay, don't start it with someone who has tried to isolate you from your friends & family. There is a BIG difference in a truly dominant lover/life partner and a bully.

Good point. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

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I think you must be soaping her mouth incorrectly sir. If she hasnt stopped cussing yet you may want to explore other punishments

Are you totally nuts?

you have no right to do that to your wife she is a adult and if she want to cuss she can your not her dam guardian so if you do not like it move out but do not force anything on her she dose not want as that is not ok at all if you do i think she should take you to court and lock you up see how you like being controled

who said she doesnt want it?

Ma'am you clearly need to leave this group. Please don't seek out stories to comment in just to be judgmental and rude. Thanks

I don't think she's being judgemental at all. It's you who is doing the judging.
To be assaulted with poison in your mouth. Hello, are you so brainwashed you think this is a good idea??

If you are a women that has not agreed that the man in your life should spank you then there is nothing that I could say that would change your mind about my spanking my wife. If you are a women that has agreed with the man in your life. That he should spank you then there is nothing that I could say that would change your mind about my spanking my wife. Because my wife's agreement with me is different. From the understanding you have with your man.

I use to swear, my hubs tried many things to help put a stop to it. He made me wear a breathable ball gag while standing in the corner and many spankings. The implement that did the trick was a paddle. We used maintenance spankings daily, then weekly then monthly until the habit was gone.

You sound like a superb wife

d.wife, do you mean the habit of cussing? I guess I'm fortunate I grew up w/o hearing much of that. Of course, I have many faults of my own. I'm not supposed to on line right now, for example.

You sound like nothing more than semi-literate trailer trash. If you weren't mentally deficient you would know that male domestic discipline believers adhere to the belief that their role in the dd relationship is to do everything in their power to honor, love, & protect their women. Honoring a woman DOES NOT mean demeaning her by infantilising her (look it up, dolt) or insulting her intelligence. Then again, if she married you maybe she was dropped on her head a few times as a baby. Go back to your trailer & swill beer, Cletus, and leave the practice of domestic discipline to the real men.

It sounds like your experience of life has been pretty narrow and led your mind to develop in a similar fashion!.

The soap could give her some digestive troubles in the long run and it is too easy to tolerate in the short term, try a switch to the back of the legs for 30 strokes, she will watch her mouth after that.

I remember when I was a child and i had to put water in my mouth, spit it out and then the soap washing would perform. I hated that!! If my Husband thought of this it might be worst then a spanking .

I am not allowed to use any sort of filthy language in communicating, either through my writing or verbally when referring to others. However, I am expected and commanded to always refer to myself in the vulgarest of terms, for I was taught that by doing so, I would better know my status and place in the household as that beneath all others. I now adore the filthy words that are used to describe what I am and various bit of me that are constantly in use or training to learn to be a more perfect female:)<br />
<br />
I am sure, Sir, that your wifey well knows her luck to have a man that truly understands the intense need a female has to know her man truly cares enough to continue to insure she is the best she can always be for him, and for this reason, she will always embrace the chance to know his hand in punishment as well as pleasure of her:)

Good for you. It is important to remind wives of their responsibilities, and it appears you are doing a great job in this regard. Keep after your wife. Either she will learn to follow your wishes, or you are going to need to cut you and your family lose from her.<br />
<br />
There is no such thing as disciplining a wife too much!

You disgust me!!! You disgust me!

I dont believe in cutting wives loose, just increase the level of discipline.