Is It Weird....?

I know the type of responses I am going to get from a group like this but.....Is it weird that I want a man who loves me and cares enough to punish me for things I have done wrong? It's not like I can't take care of myself, I am actually a very independent woman and have done well and continue to do well in my life, but yet there is still this need for the man I love to take me over his knee and punish me for certain infractions. I have the ability to improve myself without help from others, but I desire TIH so badly.

I've had experiences with some S and M and a few occassions of DD, but it has mostly been sexual. I have always been the one to bring up what I want, but I usually only say so much and I usually explain my sexual desires rather than everyday life desires because I'm not sure how they will respond. The one person who did do a little (very little) bit more regarding the DD is someone that I did explain a little bit more about TIH. I also showed him this website and let him read what I wanted so that he could understand. Even with that he only gave me a little bit more discipline.

I also don't need someone to control every part of my life. I just need someone that is willing to discipline me when needed. For example, the situation I am thinking about right now is when I go to bed late for no reason and I am not doing anything productive at that time. For example, last night, i got ready to go to bed, had the computer off and everything put away. I then decided to restart the computer and spent another hour and fifteen minutes on the computer. This caused me to go to bed late when I was already exhausted and only get about 5 hours of sleep which is never enough for me. I wasn't late for work luckily, but did get up late because of it. I don't need someone to punish me or give me a bed time for everyday because I can take care of that myself, but I think in the situation that I explained above that discipline would be warranted as I wasn't doing anything productive and my work suffers because I am so tired. Or the days when I late because of it as well.

I guess the next step would be to find someone that would love me enough to do this. Not sure when or where it will happen, but I definitely love it and need it. Hoping I can find someone to explain this to without them thinking I am crazy.
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I think your doubts are arising from the way the society frowns upon such wishes nowadays.<br />
To answer your question: No, that is not weird. You do have your own needs and expectations as woman, and you should not let the common opinion get in the way.<br />
I am sure you will eventually find a man with needs and expectations that are complementary to yours, and then all your doubts about it being something "weird" will vanish, as he will accept you for what you are, without judgement, but willing to take care of you as you are.<br />
Don't give up hope, and best of luck on your search!

not weird at all. Sounds like you know exactly what you need, all you need to do it find the right mate and communicate with him/her and let them take control.

i think it depends on the view you and your spouse looking to TIH, is it a Stewardship or an ownership?, is it his duty to monitor, guide, discipline and punish you when needed, or it is just a sexual role you both like to do?<br />
i think you need to find someone seeing TIH as a ba<x>se for your marriage , not just a Flavor to be added occasionally to your life.<br />
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I was trying to write earlier ** I don't need someone to punish me every day for going to bed 10 minutes late***