I Just Realized

I was thinking about some of my past experiences in DD relationships (however small amount it has been) and realized that I have never been spanked to the point of submission. I have been spanked quite hard, hard enough to leave bruises and slight pain for a few days (though I bruise quite easily), but never to the point of submission. I just read the Final step on the takeninhand.com website and I suddenly realized this.

The idea of a man (one that loves me and one that I love back) spanking me for discipline not stopping until I am crying and clearly not resisting as well as continuing until he sees fit, not just when I tell him its enough, excites me. I want that feeling, that feeling of not being in control and being loved and protected. I think that is often why spankings haven't always worked for long term fixes on my behavior. ugh I need this
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

it will be nirvana for you one day when it happens.

I hope so

It's happened only twice in the course of our marriage (believe me, I did deserve it) I understand now that I need him to spank me really really hard and to ignore all the crying, begging and pleading. It's absoloute hell at the time but I do need for it to almost break me occasionally so that the memory of that stays and I have no doubt he will do it if he needs to. It's the only thing that long term is going to have impact, most spankings are a short sharp shock and a temporary fix, forgotten in a day or a few hours.

Yea, its all about learning together what the best course of action is for your relationship