Obedient Wife...i Try??

My husband and I have a domestic discipline type marriage . We have only been married for a couple months and we have only been practicing domestic discipline for about 3 weeks, so we are very new to this. I did a lot of research before suggesting it to my husband. I am very submissive in the bedroom already, he loves to control me sexually, and it completely turns me on to have no control, and I do like getting spanked sexually, but that is not the reason we believe in DD for our marriage. It does turn us on a little, but to be honest while actually being punished, I hate every second of it. It is so painful and humiliating, and when I am being punished, I am truly sorry for what ever it is I did to deserve to be punished. I really thought this was a great thing for marriage because we seem to argue a lot, we are both very passionate and I am very mouthy and I can be rude and too aggressive with and to him. If I wouldn't get so worked about about things our discussions would turn into fights a lot less. I love my husband and I really want the best for our marriage, I want him to be happy that he married me, I want to show him respect, so i knew something had to change. I also am going through a period of depression, and I have no motivation to do anything so the house is not getting cleaned like it should, the laundry isn't getting put away like it should be, and my husband is having to do way to much around the house after he works over 40 hours a week. I need something that will snap me out of it, and I really think this is going to help in the long run. So far it has been an adjustment, so I have gotten punished a lot more often and in larger quantities that I should or would like. I have been more motivated and I have been doing things around the house every day, but every day I usually at least break one rule, and sometimes I don't complete every chore on my list. I am getting better, but it is really hard to adjust to. I do feel so much better after I am punished, I know the fight is over, I am forgiven and it is ok. Before we just fought, we yelled, I usually stormed off, and nothing really ever ended or got fixed. If I say whatever to him (which is something he absolutely hates), or I will not stop arguing with him, interrupting him, or I storm off, he tells me to take off my pants and underwear, bend over and I get 20 swats with the belt. He asks me why this is happening, I tell him, apologize, then I have to count each one, not move away, and not beg him to stop. Depending which category the rule I break is in, I also have to stand in the corner bent over naked for certain amounts of time, I loose privileges, and have to do certain chores on the spot. Every Sunday is Maintenance Day, we go through all of my wrong doings of the week, and I get all the punishments that I hadn't received that week, plus the extra maintenance spanking for all of the punishments that I had received during the week. It has helped us tremendously with arguing. I respect him so much more now that I am giving him the authority in the house and in our marriage that he deserves. He is wonderful and treats me very well, we do make decisions together, but ultimately he has the final decision if needed. He always treats me with respect, and it is not easy for him to spank me, I know it truly does hurt him more than it hurts me, he just wants me to obey the rules so he doesn't have to discipline me. I was so happy when I found this sight, it is so great to know there are couples out there like us and woman who understand what I am going through. It is great to have a support system, cause I don't know anyone in a DD relationship, so it is hard not being to have anyone to relate to me and us and also to be able to talk to people and get support from people in the same situation as us. If you have any advice please share it, I could use all the advice, support, and stories as possible. Thanks so much for being there to relate to!
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Be patient with yourself. This lifestyle is new, it takes so much time to perfect. Rome wasn't built in a day, ;) Its a huge adjustment for the both of you. It does get easier with time, I can promise you that! Communication is key. Make sure your needs are being met as well. We as women have many responsibilities to our husbands, but he also has the biggest responsibility with you. He needs to make sure your emotionally and physically well. That your happy and sound. I've always said my husbands job is the bigger one, I only need to try my best to serve him. Good luck with everything!

i've read your story and have come to the conclusion that a little girl is living in a woman's body.
you know what is expected of you but fail to live up to your responsibilities.
it would B easier upon you and your behind if you lived up to them.
Be Well and pay attention, K?