Our Disciplined Marriage

2nd December 2012
I thought I was the only wife who gets spanked until recently!
That was until my friend Sally and I had a little heart to heart over a couple of bottles of wine.

It started when Sally lent me the 50 shades books for my summer holiday. I read them and realised that, with their massive popularity, spanking was going mainstream!

Sally and I got together again a couple of weeks ago and as we worked our way down our second bottle, our conversation turned to the books. My jaw hit the floor as Sally described how her husband had come home from work on the Monday to find that she'd missed the last post, leaving his stack of packages and letters on his desk - un-mailed! Nor had she even started on the mountain of laundry that has grown over the weekend and she had a stack of emails that she hadn't even looked at in her inbox. Instead she'd spent most of the day reading 50 shades for the 3rd time.

Michael, her husband hit the roof and by all accounts delivered a comprehensive spanking with her hairbrush on her bare behind! He said if she liked Christian Grey so much, she could get a taste of his medicine! And yes, as it turned out this was not the first time he's disciplined her with a spanking.

She was very relaxed about it and was surprised by my blushes.

The evening developed in to quite a confessional! Made brave by alcohol, I confessed that my gorgeous husband James had first taken me over his knee before we were engaged! I still can't believe I said it out loud.

We had been to a party and I drank way too much. I spent most of that night throwing up. In the morning, James gave me a serious talking to.

I knew I was totally in the wrong and had behaved really badly, but couldn't help my anger in response to his lecturing. It was my knee jerk reaction to being told off. I yelled back at him, defending the indefensible, spat insults at him and generally pouted.

James unceremoniously bent me over his knee, pulled up my nightie and pulled down my knickers and delivered a hailstorm of firm swats to upturned behind. I was shocked! I had never been spanked before by anyone!

I wriggled and kicked and shouted, but he firmly pinned my free hand to the small of my back and continued to spank me with enthusiasm and determination. It hurt!

By this time the tear-stained cheeks of my face were glowing nearly as red as the cheeks of my behind. He had got his point across.

After I'd calmed down and rubbed my punished behind, to my surprise I found that my anger had subsided. I had known I was completely in the wrong of course. I knew that although perhaps not a very 'new age' response to bad behaviour, I had thoroughly deserved the spanking.

The not inconsiderable [i]pain[/i] I my beloved had delivered to my bottom gave me no pleasure (real pain does not arouse me). My bottom still smarted some time afterwards, but I found that I now felt kind of flattered that he was bothered about me enough to pin me down and deliver his version of justice despite my struggles and protests. I could see that I was under his skin and that he must care deeply about me, about my behaviour and care enough to go to some lengths to deliver his message to me.

This notion was powerfully arousing. That paternal urge he'd shown not to tolerate my arguments and manipulation when we both knew I was in the wrong, but to dominate me, physically if necessary, to ensure I understood and was prepared to admit my responsibility and bad behaviour. His total, unswerving determination coupled with his shear power and strength turned me on in a visceral way I had never experienced before.

What is more we had completely bypassed frustrating and unproductive argument, which seldom achieved anything other than bad feeling, guilt, nastiness and a bad atmosphere. I felt punished, and also forgiven. I also felt sure I wouldn't be drinking to the point of vomit any time soon so I guess his message had hit home!

We were engaged soon after and 11 years later, we have a wonderful marriage in which I ultimately try to obey James because I know that he has my best interests at heart. When I slip up, He is always there to catch me, and to discipline me.

So it turned out to be a very enlightening evening with Sally. Unlike me she has researched Domestic Discipline and spanking thoroughly. She told me about Taken in Hand.com and Spankingtube. I've spent this weekend exploring... (I am grounded pending further punishment. I'll tell you about that later!) ...and I discover that there are lots of people who share a similar lifestyle with their partners. I see too that compared to some, I have had it relatively easy! James has never used a strap or belt or cane on me. Usually just his hand, sometimes my hairbrush or a special leather soled slipper he keeps in this top draw, and of course the dreaded paddle - (he bought it about 3 years ago when I'd behaved particularly badly, but that is another story for another time!) - Ouch! He occasionally threatens me with the paddle but had only used it twice. I dread it but will of course submit to it if he feels I've earned it.

I hope to Blog regularly. So back to this weekend and being grounded; we've been busy all weekend, hosting a big party on Saturday night (last night). He hasn't had a chance to punish me for Friday evening yet.

This is what happened, after the school run, my friend Sophie came over with her kid and we decided to sample the champagne that had just arrived for the party on Saturday. To cut a longs story short, we got trashed pretty quickly. I'd skipped lunch.

I'd also forgotten my son had cub scouts at 6pm and when his lift arrived to collect him he wasn't ready. He went without his uniform in the end, and worse than that it was my turn to pick up at 7.30! I was way over the limit but couldn't let James know so called Sophie's husband and begged him to pick up from Cubs for me even though his kids don't even go to Cubs! Thank God he is kind and obliged.

Knowing I'd be in trouble I decided on a course of 'damage limitation' and tried to hide the evidence of bottle number two. He found the bottle at the bottom of the recycling bin straight away! **** **** ****! To say he went nuts is an understatement. He sent Sophie home with her husband (who found our tipsy state rather funny and wasn't mad at all!) and he sent me to bed to sleep it off, with a firm swat to my behind as I retreated.

On Saturday I cooked all day and got ready for the party while the kids played. The party was great and I tried to redeem myself a little by staying up till 3am cleaning the whole place. I got to lie in till 9 while he got up with the kids. He was really pleased I'd done all the cleaning up so I did think maybe all would be forgiven... alas no.

He sent me a text message this morning while I was having a lie in telling me in no uncertain terms that he had by no means forgotten and that he would be dealing with it this evening.

I think I'm really going to get it and by bottom is already tingling as I think about it!

I guess I may be writing again soon, if I can sit down that is!
Jossie x
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

thank you for sharing. I have always know something was missing in my marriage. Now i am certian that it is an attitude. The strength of a man willing to stand up to me and make me behave, rather than being so damn docile. I do not need protected from his emotions in life. I need included. what i need protected from is myself. And for that i need a dominate and loving man to keep me in line.

and why do you need a good spanking for that?

You know it isn't fun but I wouldn't have it any other way. He was the first man to stand up to me and stop me when I needed to stop. I have never felt love like I feel for him for another man. The spanking hurt a lot but I did deserve it and it is no longer painful. It taught me a good lesson.

Thank you for your comment. I wrote about my punishment on Monday. It is called Sunday Night Spanking. I also started a blog yesterday on here. In the first entry I have described how we came to live as we do, how I came to be a submissive wife. I have also created some little illustrations. Check them out if interested.

Youre illustrations are great.You certianly have a caring,loving husband maam.

Thank you. I am lucky. X

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Sounds like you have a good husband. Knowing that you deserve a spanking and knowing that your going to get one isn't any fun, that's for sure. Hope it wasn't too bad. :(