Shall I Buy A Present For My Husband To Spank Me With?

I usually get spanked with his hand over his knee. Sometimes a hairbrush, leather slipper or occasionally a wooden spoon or similar. Twice he has spanked me with a little rubber wood paddle about the size of a table tennis bat. I gave him this one valentines day a few years ago just to underline the fact that I still submit to him and approve of his discipline.

Last weekend he bought a large paddle because I'd behaved really badly on Friday and he felt I needed a more severe and memorable punishment.

I was thinking of getting him something for Christmas this year to say thank you to reinforce my gratitude to him for being a strong and loving head of our household. As I have bought him a paddle before, I think it'd be OK. I want it to be a thank you and a reinforcement of my commitment to him, not an invitation though!

Do you think it is appropriate or do you think he should buy his own disciplinary tools?
Any suggestions?
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I agree with everyone so far in that you buying the instrument of your own punishment show's you willingness and acceptance of you need for discapline.
I would suggest you find and buy him a beautiful engraves leather belt so he can always wear the instrument of your punishment so when you are out together if you start to miss-behave all he ha to do it tak the buckle and you will be reminded of your place.

I'm getting him something... You are all great and I'm having fun deciding! Thanks

I think it would be a nice way to thank him for guiding and disciplining you. If a severe and memorable punishment is needed, a lexan paddle is probably the safest and most effective option.

My husband appreciates such gifts. I will pm you some on line places to check out.

No problem buying an paddle or other impliment. Include a note along with it.