My Stubborn Behind Is Now Paying The Price!!

I got the worst spanking I've ever gotten last night :( My butt hurts even sitting on the soft couch! Sunday's are my maintenance day to begin with, so I knew I was getting that but I wasn't concerned because maintenance is never as hard as a punishment and it usually doesn't hurt for longer than an hour. I don't know how or why my brain malfunctioned but for whatever reason I took my husband's paddle and I hid it. I think I did it at first as a joke (a bad one) but when confronted by my husband and told to get it and hand it back to him......that's where the part of my brain that holds my common sense shut down! I've always been stubborn, that's actually one of the things my husband and I are working on "correcting" but I refused to hand the paddle back to him or tell him where it was and that's where things got bad! Now, I should start by saying that my husband has only used the paddle on me ONCE! and he's never used it again. (his hand and/or the belt usually do the trick) but knowing that damn thing is in the closet just waiting for a big enough offense where it would be used on me sends shivers down my spine! My husband is a very fair man and only punishes me when I really deserve it and screw up pretty bad. If my attitude is starting it usually only takes a warning or a look from my husband and I calm down. He'll only spank me if I continue with my attitude (after several warnings) or if I lie or am being flat out disrespectful to him. So the fact that I took something of his without permission, hid it and then refused to return it really made him angry. I was already feeling the sting from a spanking I got just 20 minutes earlier for having an attitude all day and I was still set to receive my there was another one coming for this stupid, foolish thing I chose to do. And the worst part was that my husband gave me multiple chances to tell him where it was even throughout the spanking he would say "tell me where it is and this stops", he even told me that after I did all of this that he still would NOT use the paddle on me. He just wanted it back out of principle and because it was something he made. Why my brain couldn't/wouldn't communicate with my mouth is beyond me. My brain was screaming out the place I had hid it; yet my mouth was saying "no, I'm not telling you". Well, every time I would say no or shake my head I got a few more hard ones. He used his hand and his belt and my God did they sting! After a while of doing this and seeing that I wasn't breaking he stopped. Not because my punishment was over, but because he saw that he wasn't getting anywhere at that moment. He very calmly held me in his arms and explained that I had until 8pm the next night (tonight) to give the paddle back to him or I would be getting another spanking like this one but worse. He made sure I understood that it would be harder (if that's possible) and longer and that these would continue until I gave the paddle back. He asked if I understood and I nodded my head and answered a simple "yes sir". I have about 4 hours left to return that dreaded paddle; yet I still find a part of me saying hell no, I'm not giving it back! If he doesn't plan on using it, then why does he need it?! I don't want to get spanked like that again but more, I don't want my husband to be disappointed or upset with me. Why is it so hard for me to give the damn thing back?! Am I looking to have control over something? Am I just that stubborn that I won't give in? I know my husband is serious and I know if I don't return it by the deadline, I'm gonna have a real hard time sitting down tomorrow. Any advice on how I get my brain and my body to work together? Part of my brain is wanting to just give it back and put this behind us but there is that other part that is saying "don't give in, stand your ground." Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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My wife and I have a system for stubborn refusal. Daily discipline until the matter is resolved. The longest she has lasted is 5 straight days of hairbrush and strap. As stubborn as she is she got tired of not being able to sit.

Give the paddle back at the first opportunity. Kiss his feet and thank him for taking care of you.

I don't know about kissing his feet, but I always thank him for taking care of me :)

Are you able to say " I no longer permit you to use the paddle, you have my consent to use your hand."
As this is a lifestyle you have consented to, I think you have every right to dictate what gets used on your backside.

No, normally I do not get a say in the type of punishment or the implement used. That being said, my husband is a VERY fair man and I haven't done anything so severe that he felt the paddle was necessary. He used it once many months ago and has never had to use it again. I have consented to this lifestyle and I respect my husbands decisions when it comes to rules and punishments. I may not like all his rules but they are all in place for my well being. I have a pretty bad past that involved addiction and other things, so any rule my husband puts in place is only to protect me. Like I said, I don't fear my husband. I love him, honor him and obey him. And he is the most loving and protective man I know :)

That's why I'm lucky to have the amazing husband I have! He's fair and feels the punishment should fit the crime. He won't just spank me for the hell of it or because he has the power to, there is always a reason behind his decision to punish me in that way. The reason I respect my husband is because he doesn't abuse his power. He is very much the head of our house and is the "boss" but I submit to him out of love, respect and trust, not fear. That's why I said in my post that usually it only takes a warning or a look from him to get me back in line. Obviously I don't want to get punished (especially physically) but more so I want to make my husband proud of me. He may have some strict rules (in my eyes at least) but don't get me wrong, he treats me with respect and love. I am his princess and he is very good to me. He has been the ONLY person in my life that has never left me or gave up on me. He says (half joking) that I am a work in progress. 10 years ago when I was in my early 20's if he or any other person put their hand on me, they would have ended up losing a few teeth! I am by no means a door mat or a push over. I have a voice and I use it and as long as I use it respectfully I won't be in trouble. The only reason I even agreed to live a dd lifestyle was because I love and trust my husband enough to know that he only ever does what is in my best interest. He's a wonderful man and I am so very blessed. It's now past my deadline and I have decided to return his paddle, not because I'm afraid of what would have happened (although it would have sucked!) but because I don't want him to be upset with me. and like a "real man", he is true to his word, I won't be getting spanked tonight and he has no intention of using that paddle on me, he said if I returned it, then I would not get spanked. I will however; be spending a good part of my day tomorrow writing 200x "I will not hide my husband's property and will submit when told to". My hand may get cramped, but at least I'll be able to sit! :)

Thanks, I'm glad I made the right decision as well! One day this stubbornness in me will fade, until then I will keep trying and sometimes have to learn the "hard way!" I'd rather write than get another a$$ beating!! lol

I'm sorry you are also sore :( the next day is never fun. My husband took me out to lunch this afternoon and the chairs were all hard wood.....ouch! I hope you feel better soon :)

I hear ya, I'm convinced my husband chose where we ate because they had wood chairs! Lol but yes, the stinging for a few days afterwards is a reminder of his dominance, which is always attractive in a man :)