What Earns You A Spanking In Our House?

I love my husband and the path we have chosen for our marriage. I am a forthright woman, full of sparkle and energy. I do everything with enthusiasm and gusto and can be argumentative at times. I earned my first ever spanking because of flaw, arguing just because I cannot bring myself to admit I might not be right and to get the last work.

Most often, this will get me a spanking, but the discipline my husband has instilled in me over the 11 years we have been married has been effective. I think twice before arguing, and always make sure if I argue with him, I believe in what I'm arguing for and am not just arguing for the sake of it.

If I were to lie or lie by omission I'd most likely get a spanking. The last time I was spanked, about a week ago, was because I had not been honest with him. I had joined EP and shared a few stories about our life. I had not discussed this with him, and in a moment of feeling I had a guilty secret, I asked for advice from some other submissive wives.

I took the advice and after plucking up courage for a couple of days, told him my secret. I explained how it had enriched my life and how I found talking to other people who share a similar approach to their marriage really comforting. I also showed him how some of the interactions were really fun and funny too.

My husband reacted with huge sensitivity. I had worried that he might forbid me to keep my EP account, but he thought that sharing my drawings and thoughts was cute! ( he's always liked my little illustrated diaries and I have hundreds of pictures I've made over the years, some of which he keeps!)

He said that as long as I showed him what I was writing it'd be OK for me to share certain stories. He gave me some boundaries that he expected me to keep to out of respect for him. He did however decide that not discussing it with him before posting these personal things had been dishonest and I got myself a spanking for that plus I wasn't allowed to check into EP for a couple of days.

I have never got a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation, but anything like that would get me a severe spanking, especially as we have 3 young children who I drive around all the time. He would be furious if I risked any of our safety.

The most severe spanking he ever gave me was for considering driving while over the limit a few weeks ago. Of course it was only a fleeting thought, quickly rejected, but the fact it even entered my head was enough for him. He felt it was his job to make sure it never entered my head again! He spanked me twice, one over his knee with his hand, then with a large paddle he bought specially for the job! That is another story I've already told ....

The only other times I was spanked with a paddle were also caused by my reckless behavior. Once earlier this year I was driving through town, while holding my cell phone and chattering away to my friend. He was in town picking up a case of wine and he saw me. I had no idea until I got to the supermarket and looked at my text messages... "Drop the kids off at Jennies on the way back. You are getting hiding when you get home!". I had no idea what I'd done. I did the shopping, dropped off the kids with my friend, who my husband had called. She asked me if we were doing anything nice and I said I had no idea!

When I did get home, he bent me over the kitchen table and spanked me with our little, round, rubber wood paddle until my behind was scarlet! I do not talk on my phone while driving anymore!

I don't really get spanked for bad language even though I know I swear too much and increasingly he doesn't like it. I wouldn't be surprised if he tolerance wears out on that eventually. It would be no bad thing... it is a bad, sloppy habit and, honestly,  I'd rather get a spanking than be constantly nagged!

There are other things from time to time but you get to know what will earn you a spanking. You know when you deserve one and you know when your husband is going to decide you deserve one.

It works for us. It isn't for everyone but I am a better person and make a better wife because I get spanked. I'm pretty sure he is a better husband because he is able to spank me whenever he feels I need it too. I know we have a fantastic Marriage because of the discipline he has brought to it.

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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Hi Everyone. Since new year we've made some 'adjustments'! My husband and I have written out a more formal agreement of expectations, household standards and consequences for failing to observe them. I thought it would feel draconian and restrictive, but it is quite the opposite! I feel liberated! I had no idea it could have such a profound effect! Amazing.

I just posted a little story about it in case you want to know more. xx

It is great you two have found something that works for both of you. Yay!

Thank you for sharing with us!