Busted Then Soundly Spanked Again!

My husband has told me I can’t tell you all what I did this time; and now is not the time for disobedience!

I messed us and was busted, well and truly, yesterday. We all mess up from time to time. I knew what I was doing was beyond the line of acceptability that my husband has drawn and that he would blow his stack if he knew, but I did it anyway and tried to make sure I wasn’t caught. I failed! I was caught red handed, and now, I am red bottomed.

I was working yesterday after lunch (I am an illustrator and I have a studio at home). We had had a lovely morning Christmas shopping and having lunch out while our children were being babysat. I had no idea I was in trouble.

I settled down to catch up with some work and he came in and told me that we needed to have a talk. I immediately felt my stomach flip and my cheeks flush with embarrassment!

He began to explain what he had found out and I had to stop him, saying “I know I know, I’m sorry, I never wanted you to know about it” etc. I couldn’t even bare to hear him recount my misbehaviour. I could barely look at him. I felt awful, guilty and stupid.

He punished me right away. The children were still with our sitters so he took me into the kitchen, bent me across his knee and spanked me very hard on my bare bottom for several minutes.

He made me stand in the corner for 20 minutes afterwards while he composed himself. After my corner time, he made me sit on by sore bottom while he explained that I would be grounded until after Christmas! No Christmas parties, no lunches with friends, no shopping for anything not on the list he has now approved. He also banned me from social calls and internet browsing on my phone. The phone is to be used only for emergencies or for talking to him until further notice.

For those of you who don’t know me, a bit of background, I have only recently joined EP and at first my husband didn’t know I was a member. He does now and he has read everything I have posted and by and large approves. In fact he has asked me to post this account. He thinks it will be healthy for me to share my shame.

So where we are… after the spanking and after he’d laid down some ground rules of my punishment, he then told me that I had until this evening to think about what had happened, and in the evening he would expect to see a written account, (well here it is!) - at which point he is going to paddle me with our smaller, rubber wood paddle. (Thank god for small mercies, I have been spared his new, large “school” paddle!)

I can only thank him for his guidance. I know I deserve to be punished and his firm hand will once again help alleviate my guilty feelings, while encouraging me not to repeat the same mistakes. I am no good at keeping secrets from him! That much is clear and that lesson is currently being learned, the hard way!. I will let you know how it goes.

He has also decided that we need time alone together to discuss and reassess boundaries, but I will post a story about that separately!
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I am sorry you earned discipline but I am glad you have and HOH ready, willing and able to give you what you need and deserve. He sounds loving and fair and I know it was as hard for him to punish you as it was for you to be punished. I hope the new year continues to bring you much love, happiness and caring discipline when you need it.

So I got paddled, but it wasn't as bad as a couple of weeks ago. I can sit down with caution. he has just sent me a text message from work to let me know I am on "probation".... cute!

Obviously, now he has joined EP and can comment on my stories, I need to watch what I say very carefully. I think he is a sweetie, and (so far) love his little comments!

Well Sweetheart you deserved it. I am very proud of you for writing this and I am proud of you for admitting when you are in the wrong and taking your punishment without complaint.
I only take the trouble to discipline you because I love you and want you to be the best you can be.
From your husband and HOH

Sorry you messed up. Guess we all do once in a while. Sounds like he has decided to be quite firm with you and sometimes perhaps that's best. Sorry you'll miss out on a few holiday celebrations, but in the long run, it's probably much more important for him to be consistent when you behave poorly. Be good and share a wonderful holiday with those you love and care about. Sounds like you are blessed in the areas that matter the most.

Be so thankful. There are many wives who would love to be in your shoes. Myself included. It's hard to learn the hard way, but sometimes we think we're so smart.