A Disciplinary Holiday!

I have been physically punished 3 times in 3 weeks - I am ashamed to say, deservedly. This is unusual in the context of 11 years of marriage, but typical of recent months.

On a positive note, my husband and HOH come up with a novel idea, which I wonder if anyone else has tried. I have never heard of it, but then, until recently I’d never talked to other submissive wives or heads of household, so maybe it is a common idea? I’d be interested to know…

We live near London (England) are lucky enough to have a second home in France. We spend most of the summer there with out children and visit as a family several times a year. Our children are still small and so we never get a chance to visit alone.

I light of recent 'events' my husband has decided to ask his mother to live in at our place for a week and act as babysitter for our children so we can get far away to our French home, by ourselves for a few days.

He feels that we need to reconnect, away from distractions of everyday and reassess our boundaries and (his words) "adjust certain behaviour patterns that have begun to emerge!". He wants to use our time alone to renew our bond, to address some day to day issues and frustrations that he feels have sneaked in over 11 years of marriage and 3 children.

He feels that in our busy lives we have let some things slide and that the result over time is that boundaries become woolly and blurred. Of course what happens next is that I step over the boundaries more frequently, and he feels increasingly frustrated. He feels all of this is unhealthy for us and we need some time and space to re evaluate. I can see his point. The more you get away with, the more you push at the edges. I am a little apprehensive but I think it is a great idea.

We have never used “maintenance spankings” in our marriage, and if I get a spanking it will be because I have earned it. This, he explained, would be like a “maintenance getaway”! He will have the time, space and privacy to address certain behaviours, and reassess how to deal with those behaviours. And he is already making preparations! He says he plans to join EP himself and get some advice from other HOH's. He has also been on some DD websites and has told me to be prepared for some new ideas!

Yes, this side of it makes me a little nervous, and I imagine the journey home will be more uncomfortable for me that the journey there was, but I see it a bit like a health spa weekend… and no pain, no gain I guess.

Also, and most importantly, I trust my husband implicitly. I never doubt his motives, never doubt his love. I know he will never, never injure me or sadistically hurt me. We have a rich and fulfilling relationship of which domestic discipline is part but not the whole. It is the backbone which keeps us upright and strong, but which also allows us to run, explore and live a full, exciting and active life!

I am interested to hear all opinions on my husbands "HOH health spa" idea! We will go some time early next year and yes, I will let you know about it when it happens.
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How very healthy - the key is defining the needs. For crafy woman will try to turn discipline into forplay - there is a time and place for both, and a good hard discipline session can lead to proper times of having to thank - while you are still flush from the discipline and even the shame or humiliation of the exposure and loss of control.

I haven't read all of my girl's, I'm sure very supportive comments, just your story. I'm jealous... enough said.

I think it is a lovely idea. It is a bit like the traditional "boot camp". Not every moment will be given to discipline my guess is you will both come home much happier and more in love than ever. I wish you both the best!

I just re read the story and giggled at the 'HOH health spa' if it is boot camp that's a cruel way to sugar coat it lol

hmmm... I think I had it all wrong by the sounds of it... Seems I'm the only one who hasn;'t heard of it. I imagine it is popular in the U.S.... I guess it is making it's way across the pond!

Yes the Internet is a magical thing lol

I recently read a book on it and it includes several spankings a say of different intensity, each followed by an assignment or task meant to bring you closer. There are rest bites in between and the HOH usually removes privalages like tv Internet phone and other gadgets or in some cases even clothing. If it is bootcamp you won't be leaving the house. Saying that I have never experienced it I'm just going by what I've read. Good luck honey xxx

What was the name of the book???

Clint Callens - wrote about a boot camp. Its more like a small pamphlet - but it defines discipline and sessions and stuff - it is pretty severe and a breaking in process..

Thank you so much for your prompt reply Michman01..

my pleasure.. good luck in the adventure of love, caring, comfort and cleansing.

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wow you are lucky would love to do that and get away from it all for a while. Definitely something for you to look forward to.

Thank you; I AM lucky, and I do feel grateful. We have a good life and I know his discipline will only make it better xx