Our House Rules

My Hubby and I believe in Domestic Discipline. We have been at this for about a year now and are advanced in the art of spanking and being spanked, so this year hubby added 5 new rules that I need to follow or he will use his new christmas present. (I got him the Boudoir Paddle from The London Tanners). FIrst I will write a list of our original rules that I still have to follow:
1. I must not argue when I am told I will be spanked
2. I must cooperate during the spanking
3. I must thank my hubby for spanking me
4. After the spanking, I will apologize and obediently go to the corner
5. I must respect my hubby
6. Keep the house clean
7. Stay in budget
8. Do what hubby says
9. Curfew 12:00 pm
10. No arguing
11. Follow all the rules or I'll get a spanking
12. No texting and driving
13. No secrets
14. No alcohol without the other present
15. Never go to bed angry at the other

New Rules:
1. All spankings, Major and Minor, are on bare bottoms
2. Do it the 1st time
3. No drugs
4. Only use the Internet for leisure 2 hours or less
5. No reaching during a spanking

So those are the rules. How can I avoid reaching? Tips please
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Reaching back isn't too much of a problem for me. I get my hands smacked if I reach back...it's in no way worth it!

Want to know how I learned how to stop reaching? My husband is NOT tolerant of this at all, and would always end up holding my hands behind my back. Well, one day he didn't, and we use the Loopy Johnny as an instrument which is rubber and hard and burns like CRAZY, well I reached back at the WRONG time and he full force landed the loopy johnny in the palm of my hand. WHEW that burned longer than the spanking did! Now even if I go to reach back I stop myself and keep my hand by my side, thats as far as it goes now lol.

To avoid reaching back, I recommend having him hold your hand(s) behind your back. Then you can squeeze as the pain builds. That may make it easier to endure.

That could be dangerous, so the idea is to avoid smacking hands but we can try it your way if you want lol. See? You do get your way sometimes.

Some great advice here on how not to reach...if all else fails (nothing else to hang onto) hold your hands together dear. Having your fingers tangled with each other gives you that extra half a second to think not to let go. Knowing there are extra coming your way for letting go is generally enough to keep them together.

Hi rubyred
Thank you for your post. We learn by reading about others and their form of domestic discipline.
First of all, I am never punished, I am corrected or disciplined. This keeps it more in a positive frame of mind and not something negative. We're all human and make mistakes, especially in the learning process.
That being said - I never reach because I consider it a help when my HoH disciplines me. We have agreed to a power exchange, where my Hubby is the leader and I abide by his word. We made a list of things we want to make our house happier and free from arguments. When I get off track - I'm disciplined (spanked). I don't reach because he is helping me get on track again. I think of all the good it does and how much I really want to be submissive and he is helping me to reach that goal. I put my hands under the blankets or pillow and think how much he loves me. A positive frame of mind might help you.
good luck
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