Every One Is Sharing Their Contracts, So I Thought I'd Share Too! (i'm Such A Copy Cat)

I've seen many on the DD pages sharing their ''contracts'' or list of rules and such. One of my new found EP friends posted parts from her contract, I think she called it ''Goals for a Happy Home''.... so I used some of that on mine as I thought that it was worded great. So here is what the contract said.....

We will place our trust in God as our Father, Jesus as Joint Heirs with us in Love, Knowledge, and Truth...And His Holy Spirit as Teacher, Guide, and Comforter in our Relationship with one another.

As a couple with the Husband as Head in Dominant Position, And Wife as Help Mate in Submissive Position we will follow the following Conditions....
1. Always be respectful to one another at all times. 2. Unconditional Trust 3. No Excessive Spending. 4. NO Foul Language 5. NEVER Go to Bed Angry. 6. Maintain Good Hygiene
7. No Embarrassing Behavior in Public 8. No ''Temper Tantrums'' 9. Maintain a Clean Home
10. No Profiles on social network sites w/out letting spouse know. 11. Make major decisions together 12. Cooperate During ALL Corrections/Disciplines 13. No Infidelity 14. Consent Can Be Withdrawn...but not just to get out of a punishment. 15. Say I love you Everyday.
16. Work for Good Communication 17. Compliments and Acknowledgements
18. Small Talk about our Marriage weekly 19. Longer Talks once a month and we discuss our Goals.
~ As Wife I will submit to my husband's authority. I will NOT try to punish him, but will submit myself to any punishment he sees fit. I do this to live a peaceful existence free from bickering, nagging, worry and self doubt. If I do any behavior that my husband deems as self destructive and belittling of myself as a person, I will submit to any form of discipline he sees fit to assign. I will NOT lead him or criticize him in his role and how to perform his role as dominant. I release the reigns of Head of Household to him and I support him and work WITH him as Head. I will Love and Respect him.

Wife Signs_______________________________

~ As Husband, I take the position of Head of Household seriously. I will lead the family in the direction I believe it should go. I will take into account my wife's feelings and concerns before making major decisions, but I will have the final say. I will love my wife in every way. I will not allow myself or my position as Head be mocked and ridiculed by my wife in anyway as this would be accepting of disrespectful behavior. I will protect her, guide her and lovingly correct her when needed and in the fashion I see fit. I will NOT relinquish the reigns as Head of Household. I will Love and Cherish her.

Husband Signs______________________________

Okay, that's it. It's my first one. I used another's to start me off. We are still getting the hang of things, but it has been a very positive change.
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I think #18 is the most important of all. While I agree and love the entire contract there is no way to make any of this work with out communicating Of course I also think #5 and # 15 are the most important... and # oh forget it I am hopeless at picking a favorite.

Get the cleaning fairy to do it. Also tell her to walk that ghost dog of hers. He looks bored to me.

I think you use a chant or special dust

I bought pixy dust for the girls once. They spilled it on the bed and the cat rolled in it. "this is the story they gave me" His black fur sparkled for a week. I combed him over and over and could not get all that junk out!

Great!! Number 14 sounds fair enough. I always try to use it to get off the hook, lol.

Lol!!! I'm sure long distance fees can protect me on this!! Living -literally- in the end of the world is great sometimes :)

LMAO!!!!!! Don't blame ME on your Kindle!!! You were the one reading him my story. Bad, bad idea!!!! :D

We are totally on the same page with the same guidelines!
This is so wonderful.
I'm sure we'll succeed!

We've added one more Matilda!
That we never use the "D" word= divorce.
We never threaten each other with divorce because DD has all the tools we need to solve our problems. The only reason for divorce is if someone falls "out of love" and that is NOT an issue. :0)
The Infidelity is a marriage breaker because it is such a lack of respect and too painful.
But like my hubby says - who needs more? He's got everything a man could want!
A loving, adoring, submissive, respectful and obedient wife!
I like that!!!