I Am Going To Spank My Wife Tonight

Tonight my wife is going to be disciplined. I won't bore you with the details of her misbehaviour; suffice it to say, she has been disobedient.

I have just sent her a text telling her she will be getting a spanking. I no longer feel angry. I am looking forward to putting her across my knee. I will enjoy hearing her explain to me why she is being spanked. I will get tremendous satisfaction as I hold her still, firmly across my lap while I smack her buttocks hard, again and again, when she wriggles and squirms, which she always does, I will delight in holding her firmly and ordering her to stay still and threatening her with the hairbrush if she doesn't.

When she has been punished and I have held her and kissed her better, and she is contrite, I will enjoy the sight of her rosey red *** as she stands in the corner of our bedroom thinking about what just happened to her.
Jameshoh Jameshoh
41-45, M
5 Responses Jan 17, 2013

wow. hot.

Awww, I wish I had someone like you ;)

Thank you for your wonderful post Mr. Jameshoh.
It takes a very good husband to remind his wife where her place is and what role she has.
If she has disrespected or disobeyed you - you are doing the right thing and she knows it.
A good wife is loyal, respectful and obedient.
We believe in domestic discipline and I am thankful for any discipline by HoH decides to give me because it makes our home a better place and me, a better wife.
good luck to you both
Jack's Jill

You sound like a loving husband and HOH, dedicated to his wife's health, happiness and overall welfare. I know it is hard for you to spank her just as it is hard for her to prepare herself and accept the spanking. You understand, as does any good HOH, the importance of forgiveness and comforting her afterward. Well done!

Consistency is what the women need. To be held accountable for their disobedience. I've found spanking to be the most effective solution to my wife's transgressions.