This Is Silly!!

My husband just removed my I pad. He said I'm grounded for Internet, so he took it away. This is the first time he does something like this and I hate it. I feel like a child.
And I'm acting like one too. I came online on my phone... And I'm hidden in my bedroom and I came online... Just to cheat, lol. Oh, this is so silly!!!!!
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Oops!!! Busted!!!! Lol...
Anyway, this is old history now, right??? ;)

Haha i so would too

<p>looks like snow has a second profile to stalk me with... ill have to look it up, im sure i can find it ..</p>

Sorry, lost in translation ... What exactly do you mean???

snowlover13 is a hater of most women... and he has pegged me to hate on,

he has threatened a friend of mine here on e/p and has implied he has my child in his posseeion.

i blocked him and he has blocked me, i have my setting to where you cant go into my profile to see where iv been on e/p......... but yet he stll shows up on stories where iv made comments ...

he has nick names for me and my friends here on e/p calls me 'story thief' and calls another female e/p member here"gummy" among other vulgar nasty names which i choose to not to say.

he writes comments, saying things like he wants all femme shot/killed... he is a very disturbed individual,

he thinks he is stll in the killing fields of viet nam,

he likies to make you scared of him . he anit nothing but a two bit bully on the WWW .... they are on every street corner...

p/s if you want to take my comments down i dont mind .. : )

so which leads me to believe he has a nother profile to troll and stalk with.

he didnt come here to tell you its a good story..... he came here to point the finger at me and my friend .. he could care less if he thinks its a good story.....

as long as he can get his two sence worth of abusing stalking me and my friends sad very sad .....

he has quota to make

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Good story and glad you like your lifestyle. Can't say much for the advice you got from story theif and gummy

<p>silly? my god your an adult women not a six year old child..GROUNDED???. what ever happened to open communication, as two adults ... </p><p>like.... honey lets talk about my issues i have with you being on the IPAD all the time and why i dont like it .. </p><p>what can we do about you cutting down on the IPAD use... because i dont feel good about you being on it so much...</p>

Gypsy, as your friends Sapphire and Damsel, I happen to be different from you. Not better, not worse. Just different. Why am I this way? I don't really know. I have made my research but still can't find the answer. So, at one point I just decided to accept myself and go on with my life as best as I could.
I have ( believe me) since early childhood a fascination for spanking. Then as a teen I realized I was only attracted to dominant men. I have lots of friends, I am very liberal. But as a romantic partner I need a strong, confident man who guides me and asserts his authority from time to time. If this means to be treated like a child sometimes, so be it. It's the cost to fulfill my needs.
My husband is not a "jackass " as you and Jane called him on jane's recent story. He is a very kind man that happens to understand me and give me exactly the kind of relationship I always wanted. Does he make mistakes?? Of course, I've written plenty stories about that. Do I punish him? Nooo, of course not. You don't scold the boss. We talk and come to agreements. He is just a man, but he happens to be mine, and I asked him to please be a dominant. I think he's worthy and to be trusted.I know him since we were children and we've been together for 19 years, so I guess I can say I know him enough.
I know you may see me as a nut case, a kinky pervert. But what can I do?? I won't change to be accepted. I don't even think I can change. My husband loves me, kinky, nuts and submissive ... So. Live and let live.

Are there any female HoH's?
Oh how I would LOVE to remove my hubby's Iphone when he is being all cheecky and insolent with me, also when he fails to put the dang toilet seat down! LOL

Lmao!!!!!!! Since I assume your husband is not into D /s, Why don't you reward him every time he puts the seat down? Works wonders with kids, I bet it would with men too, lol.
One of the good things of him having OCD is that my toilet seats are always down and the bathrooms clean and perfectly neat. :)

Actually that is a pretty good idea Anonimacy. You are a sweetie.

i understand awarding them , but why award someone each time they do it?

I can see useing the award sytem for a young child or an animal, giving them a treat to renforce the behavior, but for grown adult man? (or women) what happend to communicating?

uh, Jane.... why does HE have to leave it down? why can't U leave it up?
just wonderin'.

if she leaves it up might fall in..... thats why...and small children may fall in ...with out thinking to put the lid down...

for all the reasons gypsy mentioned plus it looks better down.

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and then U wonder why you get punished.


Hopefully you didn't or don't get caught being sneeky and disobediant! :-D

You'll be weeping when he spanks your bottom... but I think you like that pain and control

My husband does this kind of thing all the while, I think because he tries to avoid spanking me.

I'm sure this is the case Roberta!!! He was not in the mood to spank me and he came up with this brilliant idea.... ewwww. How creative of him. And to top it all, he was delighted of the effects it had on me. I'm sure he feels like he just discovered gold. Lol

It seems he knows exactly when to spank and when not to spank.
We should never underestimate our HoHs.
A good one makes all the right choices!!! :0)

But what if he catchs you? I hate to think what would happen then.

Yeah I was thinking the exact same thing, if you get caught it will definitely be a pants down job and not a very nice one. I know my hubs would lace me if I violated a rule that was discipline... you be careful hun :o)

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Anonimacy. If you understood the reasons for your husband's discipline - you should be thanking him for being there for you. Your goal should be to abide and obey the most important person in your life. The internet doesn't love you, your husband and head of the household does. Therefore, show him your respect and abide by his rules. When you truly feel submissive, you will feel so free and wonderful and you will love your husband even more for being a good leader.

Eww Jill... Last night I found his attitude almost comical. I don't even know where did he came up to the idea of grounding me like a child. I know it's a common thing for lots of coupkes here, but He doesn't read things online, has never been on EP and I made sure never to mention this idea to him.
I was somewhat surprised and frustrated, since it brings a whole new level of possibilities. He noticed my discomfort and I'm sure he will use this new discipline from now on. He said I'm not supposed to like the punishment, so this is perfect.
As for me cheating.... Well, last night I was being stubborn. But I corrected my behaviour, so today he returned my I pad.... And now I feel guilty as hell.... because I know I cheated.

You are making great progress! You have corrected your behavior, are aware of what you did wrong and feel guilty for cheating. Use that as reference for your future actions. I do think you two should have weekly meetings, just to make sure you are on the same page about what you are disciplined for.
He can't expect you to obey and abide if you don't know what you're being punished for!!
If you really, really love this lifestyle, then you need to work on being submissive - until it becomes second nature to you - then you'll feel so wonderful having a hubby you can look up to and be taken care of by him.
Communication is so important in this lifestyle.
Jack's Jill
ps - just think how lucky you are to have a hubby who cares!!
ppss - not more cheating - honestly is the best policy - no matter if it means spankings or other forms of discipline!

Matilda - I really don't feel women should be punished for household chores!
Everyone should do their share.
I DO believe that we should be disciplined for breaking fundamental rules, such as
disrespect - disobedience - dishonesty and dangerous things. (like texting while driving)
You are a wife - not a maid or door-mat, therefore I don't understand why you have rules about being punished for daily things. That's just my opinion.

I think I'll write our guideline up under this topic - then we can all share our rules!

I'll go have a look Matilda!
I just added ours under this topic:
I believe in moderate domestic discipline.

It'd be nice to compare!

Lol Matilda!!! You really gave me a chuckle. You're so funny ! I'm sorry about your Kindle ;) It's crazy to think that what I wrote last night was read by you to your hubby at the other side of the world!! Sometimes I forget how internet is like...
Jill, your I put was great! I appreciate your thoughts since you are much more experienced than me. Seems our kind of relationship is quite similar to yours. My husband has no rules over house chores or anything domestic. He has a kind of code regarding Disrespect and Disobedience and that's all. Sometimes I think we should have something more defined but when I bring it up, he says I am big enough to know how to act accordingly to what's expected. I'll check both your contracts or agreements.


Hehe - input! ;0)
Well, if you're looking for more "input" from your hubby, you might ask him to be in charge of things you have trouble doing. I hate getting up early, so I asked hubby Jack to give me a curfew every night. He knows I have to get to work at different times - so he now sends me to bed. That is great. I also asked him to make dinner and he loves it - I just have to eat what he likes to make - so that's ok too.
I now ask him to drive all the time. And one more thing, which is pretty important.
I think I've cheated too by reading blogs that are interesting, but I have also edited what he's read. One site was great about how to be submissive - but some of the punishments were harsh. I didn't show that to him - but if I don't, then he is not in charge - so I'm gonna have to do that. It is his decision on how I'm disciplined - and I really, really have to submit to him and hope he doesn't incorporate everything he reads! Ouch!!!
I have to trust his judgement.

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Oh, dear, This is defiance... uh-oh.. defiance is never good. Submit the internet, my dear. I don't want your bottom burning along with the pause of the internet for a bit.

I did what he wanted and he returned my I pad today. He doesn't know I cheated though... So I still feel like a 12yo....

i agree search... not every little detail needs to be told..