Our Domestic Discipline Guidelines,goals And Rules!

Instead of writing these up as comments - I thought I would post them here.
Feel free to add rules and things that work for you!!
The ultimate goal for us is my Jack being in charge and me happily abiding and obeying as a content submissive wife!
No more fights, arguments, bickering - a husband I respect and a peaceful home.
Therefore - all disciplines are aimed at helping me keep focused on my goals.
The less I rock the boat - the happier we are:

There can only be one captain or leader in a DD marriage/relationship.
We are also against micro-managing. We both do household chores and take responsibility.

Our rules for a happy home!
These are things we both work on - but are not punishable:

Always be respectful to one another at all times.
No lying.
Unconditional trust
When out, check in regularly.
No excessive spending.
No foul language
Never go to bed angry at one another.
Don't be wasteful (with water, electricity, etc.)
Clean up after yourself.
Maintain good hygiene.
No embarrassing behavior in public.
No "temper tantrums."
Maintain a clean home.
No secret bank accounts, credit cards, or loans.
No profiles on social networking sites without letting your spouse know about it.
Make "major" decisions together. (Home remodels, big purchases like a car, etc.)
Cooperate during all punishments/disciplines:.
No infidelity.
Consent can be withdrawn
Say I love you everyday
Work for a good communication
Compliments and acknowledgements
Help each other with bedtime curfews.
Weekly talks to discuss how things are and what we want to work harder on.
HoH helps Sub to achieve her goals of being a good submissive wife
Sub helps HoH to achieve his goals as a good leader

The following are rules that are punishable if broken::::::::::::::::::::
THE 5 Ds:
• Disrespect, (contempt)
• Dishonesty
• Disloyalty
• Disobedience (sub)
• Dangerous situations

Punishment for HoH if he breaks a D rule:
• Acknowledgement of wrong-doing ,apology and amends.

Discipline tools for HoH to use to enforce our rules:
Corner time - spankings - removal of privileges, reminder and maintenance spankings as deemed necessary by HoH.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

My boyfriend spanks me if I don't do the dishes

i think 50 x 50 if one breaks the rules then they get spanked