Wearing Dresses And Pleasing Your Man!

When we decided to live a domestic discipline lifestyle, where my daddy Jack wears the pants in the family, I thought it only right to be the one who wears the skirts and dresses in the family!
Not only does this please my hubby, but I feel so wonderfully feminine and submissive in dresses.
I found some wonderful dresses that I could wear to work and around the house. I matched them with sweaters, stockings, leggings and leg warmers!
Even in the winter - I never get cold wearing dresses.
I never wear pants anymore!
Dresses and winter boots are cute and in the summer I wear sandals.
I have to add,, that daddy loves to lift my dress when disciplining me. It's much easier for him, than pulling down jeans and undies.
Another way to please your hubby is to wear shirts and blouses that show off your cleavage!
What man doesn't like to see a bit of booby?
Not only is DD about discipline, but also about pleasing your man!

best wishes
Jack's Jill
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5 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I do like to wear skirts or dresses for my Husband. I usually do wear them when I'm not at work. It would not be acceptable or allowed by my employer.

I'm sure he loves you for it!
Men love to be pleased!

So true Jill while too bad we can't go back to the old days where the Husband wore the pants in the Family while being warmly greeted at the door after a long day of work by his Wife looking so lovely and sexy wearing a dress. A soft smile would cross his face seeing her beauty on the outside as well as on the inside in more ways then one. Then, at times, the look of her plunging cleavage would start a fire in his loins knowing all is well on the home front.

One day Mr. Lonny. One day.
Trust me - there are more women than you can imagine that dream of having a strong and dominant hubby and to live this lifestyle.

You are absolutely right!

I totally agree. I wear my dresses with leggings when it's cold. :o)

And I bet we look fabulous Roberta!!!

Awww, yes. You can always please them by taking their taste in count. I desperately need his approval about my looks. I don't care anybody else's opinion, but his... it's crucial. It's been always like this, from the beginning of our relationship.
Mine adores jeans though. And he gets a bit uncomfortable when I'm wearing too revealing clothes, so the cleavage showing?? I don't think he'll like it. Tastes ! Lol.

Dear anonimacy
The cleavage dressing is only for home use - when we're alone.
I wouldn't want to share my cleavage with anyone else!! :0)

Oh, I get it! Sorry. You see, my husband has a thing with this I guess. Even at home. He is always worried about me getting cold!! (Or that's what he says though he doesn't mind if I walk around naked, go figure!)

anonimacy :0)

Men! ya just gotta love 'em!!