Why Women Should Show The Utmost Respect For Men!

Dear friends and readers!
Some of you have asked why I address the men of this forum as "Mister".
I do this out of the utmost respect.
I truly believe that the men here who live a domestic discipline lifestyle, who are heads of households, dominant men, men who protect, love and discipline their wives, take care of their families, believe in good old fashioned marriages or relationships, have high moral standards and good values should always be addressed with respect.

It doesn't have to be ones own husband.
The men at this forum are men who have made choices that go against the norm today.
Discipline went out a long time ago - and what a shame it did.
There are more and more women longing for a man to make the decisions and be the boss.
There are more and more women who have discovered that a dominant man is the glue that keeps a family together (with the help of his wife).

I feel so sad when couples give up and get divorced. If only they had discovered that domestic discipline has all the tools for keeping a family together, a wife submissive, obedient and happily cared for and a man who has no qualms about being a real man.

Therefore ladies - that is my reason for showing  the men at this domestic discipline forum respect by addressing them as Mr.
Who knows? We might just start a trend!

Best Wishes
Jack's devoted Jill
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Being respectful and making good choices is important.

I deleted my original comment. After reviewing it and giving it some thought I feel it was rather rude and unfair. Certainly there are HoH's whom are loving and wonderful. It was very unfair of me to single them out and paint them with a wide brush like I did.
I still believe in respecting caring and responsible people regardless of their sex.
I really like your clarification statement.

Thanks Jane. I appreciate it and your comment too.
and yes I agree with you - people who care, love and respect others are worthy of respect in return.
Unfortunately it seems I can't add you here at EP. It would have made for many interesting conversations.
very best wishes

Jill, I have added you.
You seem like a really sweet and interesting woman.

Thanks Jane!
You too!


I absolutely agree.

How wonderful that so many women here agree!

If you read what I wrote above - I wrote that I address the men of this forum as Mr.
Not ALL men, but the men here - who are DD husbands or boyfriends.
I think it is important to differentiate.
I'm not naive - I know there are many mean and evil men (and women) in this world.
But I can't imagine a good domestic discipline husband being anything other than wonderful!! (even if I am generalizing)
Just thought I add that for clarity.

i will always show a woman respect and i expect it in return

It just doesn't get any better!!

Jack's Jill

Well said, as always. It's funny how men like your husband and I, by being proper husbands, elicit the fiercest anger from the feminists on here. The fact is the word of GOD teaches that the husband is the Master of the house, and the wife is to obey him. This is fact, not opinion. The only dynamic that God approves of. This comment will likely **** some people off, but it is the truth. People are angered by hearing the truth that they have rejected.

Dear Mr. Masterman.
I agree with you!
Men are meant to lead. We think of it as being the natural order of things.
Those who are angered by this, are probably angry because they have failed in their own relationships and are afraid to try this wonderful form of lifestyle.
I feel so sad for them, because all it takes to make a man and a woman happy, is to fulfill the roles they were created for.
There is nothing kicky about DD. I am not in any shape or form a slave or doormat. My husband knows that I am good at many things and so is he. Together we are a complete couple. We talk, he makes the decisions.
I love him for it and respect him so much, just as much as he respects me.
That is how is should be.
Thank you for your comment.
It is so rewarding and informative to read a HoH's point of view..

best wishes
Jack's Jill

as i am reading your posting i am applauding U. BRAVA!
U R very correct in your statement of, "natural order of things."
i'm a kid from the 50s and 60s. i remember when the gender roles were clearly defined. there was harmony within that.
then Gloria Steinem started preaching that drivel and the weak of mind and spirit chimed in and started to toss their bras into the burn pile. then the Brouhaha began. sexual lines were blurred and then made hard to define.
people who preach feminism are most likely to have discord in their own relationships. to those who do i say, "better U than me."
Our home is a tranquil place in which to dwell. it is a joy to come home.
we seldom argue. she has her points of view and i have mine. we discuss our feelings and get them quickly sorted out. we never go to bed with anger.
the big stuff like money matters and such are collaborated on. we R a TEAM. she compliments me and I compliment her....
i am the HOH and she lets me be. go figure..........

Mr daguid
Well said! i so agree with you!
Don't forget the time all men had to find "their inner feminist side"
The differences between man and women are what makes being a couple so dynamic. (sorry if I repeat myself, but that's how I feel)
I need a good strong man and the tools of domestic discipline to make it all wonderful.
No bickering, no contradictions, no going to bed angry.
Your wife is very lucky and so are you to have each other!
all the best
Jack's Jill

i have to agree with U. be it the word of the Lord or not... in any relationship, there has to be a leader. male/female or female/male. to not have an, "order of things" can only lead to chaos.

It's a wonderful way of life for a husband and wife. It's perfect because that's how God designed marriage to work.

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Believe me the thought of this brings a Smile to my face while also sharing that this manner of respect to a Man or Husband, when deserved, creates quite a spark that lights a fire in more ways and places then one.

Perhaps "the Good Ol'Days" aren't a thing of the past.

Warm Regards

Dear Mr. Lonny!
I believe things go in circles - so what once,- was and worked, may come again!
I hope so.

best wishes
Jack's Jill