Burning Rubber Leads To A Burning Bottom

I am the friend, lover and HOH to jonsgoodgirl. She is wonderful in so many ways and makes me happier than I ever imagined.  Happy, that is, unless she is testing me or doing things she knows she should not.  For example, excessive speeding is strictly forbidden.  Going a few miles over may be safe but not 30, which she recently confessed to during a chat while I was away.   Obviously, I was not happy.

Following a lengthy talk about the dangers of speeding, she asked how she would be punished.  I knew I needed to make the lesson stick without it being too severe.  When we are apart and I cannot spank her, we use capsaicin cream to mimic the burn of a good spanking.  After applying a generous coating of the cream, she sat and wrote the line "I will not speed and put myself at risk" 250 times.  Finally, she lost her truck keys for one week.  I believe this lesson was well learned and will not not have a problem with speeding anymore.  The irony is that she was speeding to avoid lines for being late to work.  Had I been there to punish her myself, this would have resulted in a sound otk spanking with the hairbrush and the same loss of driving privileges.

 I hate to  be so strict but I hate even more the thought of losing my good girl.  After her punishment was served the matter was closed. I  believe in forgiveness and moving on after discipline and this time was no different.  We always end a punishment with a hug as I believe that it is vital to build her up after tearing her down.  I love my good girl and want to always be there to catch her when she falls.
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excellent punishment good thinking on your part

Very good punishment. I'm glad it was taken care of in a timely manner.

About 50 years ago, aged 14, I came home and heard a commotion going on, slaps and yelps.
I burst through the living room door to find my big sister bent over my Dad's knee getting her bare bottom spanked!
Apparently, she had been seen riding on the back of a motorbike, no helmet, N absolute NO NO in our family.
When this childhood memory was aired one Christmas, her husband said that was exactly what he would do- to laughter and blushes
It DID make me wonder lol

if it was my wife n got speeding ticket i would of taken strap to her bare *** she would not sit for day after keys taken away drive t owork an back

I agree that your punishment for her was fair under the circumstances that you were not present at the time of the offense. Thank you for writing this.

Thank you for reading our story and replying. She learned her lesson that day and made me proud by submitting to her punishment so the slate could be wiped clean. I do my best to always be fair and loving with her.

Thank you, baby. I love you and only want to keep you happy, healthy and safe.

it is allways good to be proud that wife submits for her punishment
after i spank my wife the slate is allways wiped clean an start fresh

Loved your last sentence. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

that is how it is once you accept an given your punishment no sense to bring it up again slate is clean an all go back to normal living