Discipline Seems To Work For Me!

I have a dominate partner who actually refers to himself as a Dom and me as his sub. When we went out last Tuesday, I was what he called "rude" to him. My first desire was to talk back, tell him off, defend myself, etc. Thank God I held my tongue. He told me that I would pay for that transgression on the weekend. THE WAITING IS KILLING ME! Why not pull over and just do it. Now he has told me what to wear (a skirt and white panties) and what time he will pick me up. I know that I am in for some kind of spanking, but I don't even know if it is with his hand, a paddle, a hair brush, or some other device. You can trust, however, with this threat over my head I have been on my best behavior with him ever since. Yes, discipline is working for me. He wants to work on my procrastination, my aggressive behavior towards subordinates, my money management....oh my!
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Sounds nice.