Not A Dustbin Term

I think that the term soulmate gets tossed around far too often. I do not believe it to be someone your destined to meet, fall in love with, and spend the rest of your life with though I'm sure it could happen this way but it's exceedingly rare. I think soulmates in general are very rare. I believe in multiple soulmates because I have been lucky enough to have met two of them. You recognize them from the moment you meet and furthermore they recognize you. There is no mistaking it . . . there is no doubt. There is a sort of buzz within you and in the air between you both. Sometimes you feel your soul actually move. You immediately love and trust this familiar individual and you could almost finish each others thoughts and sentences. But this does not mean a relationship. We were simply on different paths that happened to cross in passing and that was okay . . . it is alot bigger than that and we accepted it for what it was . . . an extremely cool experience.

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I call it synchronicity... so do many others...just as one can be in tune with nature one can be in perfect harmony with another. You are right, it does not need to be a physical relationship, these two are just mentally in tune...everything has a resonance...but then again I am preaching to the choir :)

yeah . . . I like that term better . . . synchronicity . . . and I can see that you get it . . . thanx for the comment friend :)

I totally agree with you on this. It is very hard to find the person who is your soul mate and marry them. You are generally married to another person other than your soul mate. I have met a couple of these people like this myself.

yup . . . we are fortunate . . . thank you for your comment my new friend . . . :)

Your Welcome

Interesting thoughts on soulmates. Yeah, I do think sometimes, we encounter different people in our lives that touch our souls on every level and there is an instant and lasting connection between them. It doesn't mean there is anything romantic to it, but I think it is possible sometimes. It is nice to meet someone though that does make your soul feel like it actually you say. The feeling can be a little scary, but wonderful too.

yes . . . thank you for your comment . . . I always like to know what others think . . .