Why One When Its Difficult To Find One.

I got to know that body on earth, is soul in heaven. Heaven or Earth after death is a stupid theory. Like how we wear a special robe to enter a furnace, the soul wears the body to do work on earth.

so its a world of soul acquaintances we find that its so difficult to find a soul-mate, cause none have time for another. So where and when did we give time to another, to ask for one?

So lets start sculpting or making soul mates of as many, rather than expecting one to come out of the blue, and end up with one made by someone else.
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I think i get your point.Its like a tenon and mortise joint.You fill my void as i fill yours.My soul needs a mate who can quench my emotional thirst like his soul needs me.Multiple soulmates yes,if you are lucky the souls will touch…You just need to be open and embrace …

Exactly .. Thats how we COincide in life .. And there is nothing manly or masculine about a tenon and nothing feminine or womanly about a mortise .. Gender is simply that tenon n mortise...

When was the last time a person was successful in changing another lol?

Thanks for reinforcing the point I made above Madame.

I believe that more than one exists however they are still very difficult to find. Does anyone really know what they want for more than a moment?

I am physically well. Still struggling to find my place in the world. How are you my friend?

Actually even the one does not exist and its just a tell-tale.. So start making cause its rather easier than finding one..

No I found one I can't have I have to believe there is another

I love your idea! Yeah! We craft relationships, right? So a mate is one person in a relationship that we have forged. So forge more! Excellent. (except I really enjoy the concept of life mates. I think its lovely to have a close good buddy on life's journey. But to have our souls chained to one and only one for eternity? Preposterous! MY Eternity will be expansive and inclusive if I have anything to do with it. ; )

We can find acquaitances as much as we can, but not a soul mate. We can only find one soulmate. Soulmate have not to be so perfect as what we dream about, coz u wont find it everywhere. just open ur eyes and ur heart to find it.. :)

I understand we wear our body like a garment for the soul, would you say that's correct ?

Very well spoken.. I couldn't agree more

I can see that the fire within is still burning, the fire to know the unknown, to make that accepted within and on outside too. Thanks for being a friend, philosopher and guide, as always.

Uhmm.. excuse me what is a soul?

I like your thinking! <br />
Yes we have many soul mates. They come into our lives as we need them. Sometimes it is the person who stopped to help us by picking something up for us we dropped and didn't know it. Sometimes it the person we spent a wonderful night together with and then the paths went separate ways.<br />
We have some in our every day life we don't look at twice. BUT! the ONE you ARE looking for is always near by when you ARE ready for them. They are but a glance around us, in plain view and always have been.<br />
<br />
Being always too busy most of the life experiences just pass you by as you complain there is no one or that you are board. That is a choice and always has been and always will be.<br />
I am glad you posted this story....Thank You!

True.. we are always pre-occupied or in pursuit of an unknown, and we relentlessly ignore those near us and around us. Contemplation of whether the other would accept or not ? OR would we be around OR etc. we just let our mind wonder but never recognize the near.

After realising this I have made it a point to be upfront on the first instance itself. We have made it a habit to offer a coffee or tea ... or we don't hesitate to ask.. "Lets meet for coffee or beer sometime"....

So I say .. Love &amp; Sex too are such a beverage... and "Lets do meet sometime to make love"... honestly though I've not been accepted that instant... I have never been rejected... but I have seen a turn around years later... where out of the blue they remember me &amp; come over....

Yes you are the kind of person I wish was near. I agree with your beverage choices as well. I have not heard it put quite like that but I love the view point. If you know of such like minded people please aim them my direction. I know as well a long chat would be more than welcome and entertainingly enlightening. And appears to be all of the same mind set. How refreshing!!! ;-)

Perhaps you should add me as a friend! ;-)


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