Absolutely ....

We have all heard of twin souls, twin flames , etc. 

I truly believe in not just two - but many.

Sun Signs, moon signs rising signs - when these match with someone, the relationship and feelings are intense. 

You can look for your soul mates, but actively looking is not going to help you find them.

It's destiny that you will find them - no one knows when, where. But you will.


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I completely agree with you!! It's like watching a pot ... <br />
it never boils and definitely not quicker. <br />
I do believe there are soul mates out there, but I also think that not everyone finds theirs.

I definitely emphasize that actively looking for them won't mean you will find them any faster. You will meet when it's time. I found mine when I wasn't even looking---actually, I didn't even know about twin flames at that point and hadn't given much thought to soul mates! Since then, I've realized there are many people who I have such a connection with, that each touches my inner self in a different way, each way being something I need..to help me grow or make life fuller. It's not just a one-way connection either--I give back--the connection is a sharing one where both give and receive. These connections aren't temporary either. =)<br />
I am happy to have come to this realization.

You are welcome.

Ah Flour - you are too nice :)

thanks mizz b. you always come thru for us!

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this way :o)

I completely agree too.

I agree with you totally. <br />
<br />
I wrote story about that a few months ago.<br />
<br />
Its a wonderful thing.