I Firmly Believe In My God

 FIRST OFF EXCUSE THE   KEYING MY KEYBOard goes on strike sometimes  .I firmly believe thaT  GOD IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING . AND SO MAny people refuse to see it AND I  TRY and remember to prAY FOR THEM TO COME TO HIM ... HE IS RIGHTEOUS and just  AND IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST REad his word AND NOT VIEW IT as A "STORY " THEY WOULD SEE HOW amAZING HIS ENTITY IS And how key it is supposed to be in our lives on eaRTH ..  bUT  I LOVE MY LORD !!!!!and i hope thAT MORE PEOPLE WILL COME TO LOVE HIM also .. 

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I agree that it is important to believe in an all wise and loving Creator, but many people are confused by doctrines such as Hell-fire, because that doesn't go along with the image of Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power, God's main attributes. In John 3 : 16, 17, Jesus said, "For God so loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it." (Living Bible) there isn't anything in that statement that he will burn people in a Dante's Inferno, if they don't accept his Son, but it does say they will perish if they don't. Churches don't expound much about hellfire anymore, because they know it scares people. I think I will write a story about the religious debate that took place in 1903 at Carnigie Music Hall between two important preachers on the subject of "ESCHATOLOGY." I'll have to do some research first.

Please excuss me for commenting on GOD!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Because for the life of me i really dont think that i will ever be in the situation that i would be capable of giving a definitive exposition on such a wide, complex and interesting subject as GOD.<br />
Having so many people and groups of people seeming to own God in their own image not all of them comeing to the same conclusion and confusing the issue, i took upon myself to try and concieve of God my own solution.<br />
Traveling as far and wide and as deep as possible using as many different doctrines as possible, using the maxim "there is no greater religion than that of Truth" borrowed from the Theosophical Society, i finally became happy with God.<br />
God as the manifest of the unmanifest, and God as the unmanifest of the manifest.<br />
Making the subjective ob<x>jective and the ob<x>jective, subjective.<br />
So thats my GOD, its what male and female, animal vegatable and mineral all come from. I call it an 'IT' neither male nor female but capable of both.<br />
Not my will but the will of God be done.<br />
The Art of the Magician is to raise the consciousness through peace and purity to the level of infinity and back.<br />
Turning base metal lead (the ego) into gold (the ego on an exalted plane) Spiritual Alchemy.<br />
And so i conceived of GOD!!! as my maker!!!

Hi Bipolarposterchild, I also feel the same way you do.... I myself used to be the same way, I would read God's Word as a story book.... but I am so grateful That God send as special person in my life to lead me to Him. I wouldn't trade my Lord for anyone or anything in this world. Now, I can live my life according to God's will and know that whenever I run into problems He is my source . I feel , I truely blessed to have come across this website. God Bless YOU <br />