I Am a Catholic

hey there everybody,

i am a catholic and my name is justina also the creator of i believe my lord jesus christ. well i had to make a new id cuz i forgot the username and password of the other id which kind of is tiring oh well.

I am born a chatholic i believe in my God, and there is nothing that can change my life other than My Lord Jesus Christ....I happened to have many miracles from him through praying and i hope u all believers of God will also pray to him as well atleast for 15 minutes...

God Bless

Destiny Destiny
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 2, 2006

My faith is flimsy at best...lol I respect anyone who has a solid belief system! You go!! I only wish I could quit questioning every little thing, maybe I could make up my mind what I believe. lol

It must be a great comfort to have such strong faith. I am afraid I dont have any faith in organised religion. I feel it is the root of so much human conflict and misery. But I respect your views.

Can I ask you some questions>? was jesus born of a virgin? did he make water into wine and walk on water? is the bible the inspired word of god (despite being written by simple men hundreds of years later)>? should we stone adulterers to death? fornicators? did jesus resurrectafter 3 days and will he return to earth? Geesh it's crasy, isn't it?