My God Is An Awesome God

My God is the heavenly father. I belive that he sent his one & only son for us Jesus Christ to pay the ultimate sacrifice & die ont eh cross for our sins. I belive that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross & that on the 3rd day he rose again & is seated not he right hand of the Father. And one day he will come & take his followers to heaven to live happily for the rest fo eternity. you may belive in something different but i know this is true. God has made a difference in my life. i dont have a problem with anyone of a different religion or with a different God. i wont judge you or anything. But this is who I am.

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1 Response Aug 4, 2007

I'm glad you have something you believe in and that you stick with it. I'm also a Christian so for the most part I also believe what your saying here. I think the whole thing with Jesus coming down and taking his followers to heaven to live happily for eternity is the watered down version of the story but other then that I agree.<br />
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Good for you...I'm glad your happy