I Thought I Had Breathed My Last

When I was 8 years old I almost drowned. My frieds and I just got out of school and went over by thr river. We found a small boat and thought we would go for a ride. I got in the boat and made room for my friends. Two others got in then changed their minds. As the first kid got out the boat moved a little then the second got out and the boat moved on out into the water. I didn't want to get my feet wet so I stayed in the boat. Did I mention I couldn't swim? I didn't know I couldn't. Well the boat went out on the river and I didn't know what to do. I was scared and I did panic. I thought there was a waterfall down river and I didn't want to go over the falls. I jumped out of the boat into the water, that's when I found out I couldn't swim. The water was deep and cold. This happened in April. I went under the water and couldn't get my head above the water. When the kids saw what I did they started screaming for help. Now this is what I experienced. I was thrashing under the water for a short time then all of a sudden everything started to go in slow motion. My arms were still thrashing but very slow and I had the sensation that I could breathe under the water and I started toi calm down. Up on the river bank things were happening. A man was sitting out on his back porch and heard the kids so he ran over and kicked off his shoes and ran into the water. He said he saw me going down deeper and reached down and just grabbed me by my shirt then pulled me up. I knew nothing of this because I was out. He pulled me to shore and lifted me up to throw me over his shoulder. He said I threw up warm water out of my lungs and it ran down his back giving him the chills. Well when I woke up another man was carring me up a hill to the doctors office at the top of the hill. I was checked out and taken home. The guy who saved me received an award from a group in Pittsburgh and a check for $500.00. To this day the man who saved me lives just 2 streets over from me. I live 3 streets from the river and I can swim. The boat came back to shore down river.
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Nice that you are still alive to tell this story.