My Nde Changed My Life!

I had fallen off a horse and it stood on my head.  coonsequence was that I was 'clinically dead' for 8 days, ie on machines! 

I went up a ray of light which is well known to happen for many, and was stopped by someone asking "Do you believe in God?"  I answered 'Yes' and had to leave the light.  Ever since then I do not want to go near Churches and feel awful when I see Bible Bashers.  My dogs go mad at them too. 

Well it is a long story but when I have the patience I will write it in my profile, or stories for you to see. 

Did you realize that those who you love who are out of body want contact with you?  They will be so happy if you say "Yes"!

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5 Responses Jul 8, 2008

don't be afraid to go to church. there is no right or wrong answer to the question you were asked. if you are good to people god will be good to you. i am a christian and even i bark at bible bashers. its not evident why we are sent back, its up to us to figure that out. make the most of your time, enjoy life, and be the best christian you can, that is all we can long as you are happy with the life you led and have no reason to doubt. there is no reason you should not be able to step into the light when your time is up.we can only do the best we can the rest is dogma.

How do you know the person you saw wasn't Satan?

There are those who are afraid of being judged and stay on Earth because of the fear. They think that if they help those they have hurt firstly before going up the light means they are attaining peace of mind, but if they are 'believer' they find they do not do so. They are reborn and face the consequences usually that they are forced to be believers over and over again. They do not even think of needing to help all those they had harmed in their past lives too!

Shoot, yer from Austrailia, I just noticed. YOu might not be familiar with Ghost Whisperer. Tv show about a chick that helps the dead "go towards the light". ;)

WOW! The Ghost Whisperer would be in for a shock on this story!! :O