Personal Years...

I met my new partner when my Personal Year was 6 and it so happened that his Personal Year was a 6 as well, which also means that our Personal Years will ALWAYS be the same.  So, what's so great about Personal Years and how are they calculated...  you add up your day of birth and month of birth and the current year eg. 25 August 2007 is... 2+5+8+2+0+0+7 which equals 24 and 2+4 = 6, hence in 2007 my personal year was 6. My partner's birthday was 24 Sept so 2+4+9+2+0+0+7 = 24 = 6... the interpretation for a personal year 6 among other things is that you will meet your soul mate in a personal year 6. We are now at Personal Year 9 and that's about ending or completing things. I have ended my dependence on credit cards and all my financial debts have been cleared through bankruptcy. Bank accounts have closed this year... now I wonder what endings will happen for my partner... will let you all know eventually!!
truthseekr truthseekr
56-60, F
Jul 23, 2010