Effin right in his wildest wet dreams. I'll tell him to shove it somewhere where the sun don't shine and stfu with that nonsense.
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I do believe that men are rulers & should lead. Women should obey her husband/boyfriend.

not cute.

Perhaps a group with a differing philosophy would be more appropriate for someone of your type. There are groups for dominant women, and groups for loudmouth jerks. Each sounds a better fit for you than is this group. <br />
There are men submissive to women; but you will, as the men in this group, have to earn that submission. Your actions here have shown that to be impossible, until you experience "considerable personal growth". The first part of that growth is to understand why people do things, from THEIR perspectives; rather than merely belittle them for doing something you would not do. <br />
I do not understand submissive men, but I have no need to be derisive of them. I am secure in Myself, and I can stand on My strength; rather than cut down others so that I can pretend to strength. "To each his own" is excellent advice.


You remind me of my EX, and WHY she's my EX.

People can work together and be free together. It takes a combination of things- both have to respect the others abilities and be able to give and take in a way that does not irritate the other and have the same goals. <br />
There are lots of people who can do this, but they are often not with people who are compatible. Sometimes it happens that someone is really good at leading and the other really good at following.<br />
It takes no small amount of skill to be a good follower and should not be looked down on. It is the achievement of goals that shows the proof of compatibility. If things are happening for them and they are happy together what is wrong with that?<br />
It is possible for someone to lead and not be a bossy piece of ****, ******* everyone off. It takes some skill. The problems come when someone is just inflexible and constantly on, whether it be resisting or agressing. **** that. I would rather be alone any day than spend any time around a bossy argumentative know it all ***** whether it be male or female.

Then just don't choose that lifestyle. Don't go into a group just to knock the lifestyle of the people seeking support in it. That's just sad. <br />
<br />
"Experience Project is a community ba<x>sed on authenticity, support, and respect. EP encourages you to post with these values in mind."

Awesome. I like a woman who isn't a lapdog.

And yet you seem like such, wonderful and warm women. Who would not want to have years and years of your unrelenting ego and self importance?

By the way, did I say thAt not all men deserve or want ths kind of treatment? But my husband does. He works hardfor the things we have. He is generous with his love towards me and the kids. He sensitive, kind, understanding, and loyal to hs friends and family. At the same time he is authoritative and will show us his authority when needed. We all love him very much. He demands respect because he gives it.

I agree klt3shottie

Ok so here's where I have a problem. This group is called I must obey my husband, not let's put people down who obey their husbands. If you want to dog this idea that some very strong and independent women live by, form your own group. I promise not to get on there and dog you. There are some men who deserve for their wives to obey them because they are trust worthy enough for us to make the right decisions for us. That doesn't mean they are right all the time. There are still compromises made, atleast within my marriage. But he does and will always do what is best for the family. I can be selfish and want to make decisions ba<x>sed on my own needs. That is why I allow him to have to final say. I choose this kind of relationship because it works for us. That doesn't make me weak or controlled. If he ever abused the power I have given him, I can just as easily take it away.

Any man worthy of being with would not abuse the concept - it really is that simple! <br />
<br />
Furthermore, in the best relationships I've ever seen, 'head of the household' is more of an 'honorary title' anyway - with the husband being more than willing to let his wife RUN the household as she sees fit, with very little imput/intervention on his part. And, by run the household I do not mean doing the 'chores'; I mean making most of the day to day decissions, tending to the finances, etc...

Rightttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha thank God!! My future husband should thank his lucky stars that he will even GET to be with a woman like me!!! Lol. He can obey THAT!

right on,nobody should be made to do something just because your married.

My husband and I were married twice. Once in a civil ceremony and once in church. Neither time did I say the "O" word. But believe me HE does. He may sputter but eventually he realizes I am the BOSS or the BAD (Bully ******* Dictator)... well if he didn't behave like a child, would cooperate and bathe more than one a blue moon I would treat him like an adult. You go girl. Sounds like you know who the true boss of the family is. LOL

your the wife from HELL! I pity your husband who absolutely must be miserably unhappy and suffering with massive stress internally. You laugh like it's funny,but when he suffers a major heart attack or major stroke will you laugh then? When he is totally disabled from the heart attack or stroke caused by YOU are YOU going to lovingly take care of him like a wife is supposed to? HELL NO! You,the cause of it, are going to dump his disabled *** on his family and bail out of town looking for some other guy to victimize!

Thank you.