I Don't Belive

I don't believe 50 people at least not 50 women said this. Not American women, no in this lifetime. No chance, none at all.
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Hey there are still some faithfull good women out there, and shockingly some of them are American.

I like equality in marriage.

I think we should all become gay lol<br />
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easier that way :)<br />
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funny cos i know lots of american women who are beautiful, not fat, intelligent, assertive, etc etc....maybe sir, its just the ones YOU attract hey?<br />
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That was an awesome response!

Forgive my boldness, but I noticed on your profile that you talk about living in a sexless marriage and feeling disposable.<br />
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I feel for you, and am very sorry. Some of us that used to feel the same and have found what does make us happy. Yes, it's true that most of us were raised in the modern American world of feminism. But some of us have chosen these traditional roles because we feel they are what suit us best.<br />
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I am encouraged. I am strong. I feel like freaking Super Woman every day. I work because I want to, but I enjoy cleaning, caring for my son, and cooking is one of my strengths. I love to entertain my husband's friends. In the mean time, my husband constantly tells me how beautiful I am, is patient and kind, pushes me toward success (including insisting I go back to school), and is always there for me. He understands his role, and takes the male position. He stands up for me to others, gets things off of the top shelf, fixes the appliances, and gets me ice cream when I'm sad. I have everything I could ever want, and with him, I flourish.

Most American women are so broken and spoiled.<br />
Most are overweight, dressed like factory workers or street bums.<br />
Have no intelligence or drive. They Whine, complain, become angry<br />
or depressed. They look at the men and wonder why they are the <br />
last to be noticed. <br />
They want everything a man has to offer and offer so little in return.<br />
And yet, Blame the MEN for the way they are.<br />
Poor things.

oh and you guys are so perfect hey

I beleive in this to an extent. Let the man feel like hes the boss and hes runnig things. He can have the last word if it makes him feel good. I dont like the word OBEY! just sounds anamalistic. So listen, try to understand eachothers feeling or at least respect them, and laugh, alot. If hes kinda a macho man and you know it. Then stroke his ego,but always stand ur ground, as long as its something worth standing for:)

Believe it, dear. Not all American women are the same.

That quality is hard to find, But yes I can relate to this as being a turn on and No it is NOT any weakness on your part to want this.<br />
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It simply means that you have the utmost TRUST in him and in his ability to handle being an Authority and in that case is a very healthy relationship and I envy you so much! <br />
<br />
Finding a partner who I would TRUST to give authority to has been a challenge, It is NOT meant for the abusive types at all, But for the most loving and mature of men who know who they are and have it give.<br />
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Example: When a woman has a need for a little domination in the bedroom but the man is too uncomfortable and timid in his own skin to express it, Your needs will not be met, He has not yet matured enough for you and will feel like a teenager in training. <br />
<br />
And a man needing domination would not turn you on, But would be good for a woman that is the more dominant type.<br />
<br />
Some women need a man to just be a man and that makes us feel more like a woman.<br />
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There is nothing wrong with your way of being and nothing wrong with people who want the opposite, they are just different. <br />
<br />
Some men prefer women who are more dominant and that is okay too as long as the balance is agreed upon and understood for both people.

What is so hard to believe? My husband is the head of household(H.O.H). And we have never been this happy before I have been with him for nine years and for the last year I have made him head of our house hold. He is the president and i am vice president. It works great! I still voice my opinion, and he listens and takes it into consideration, but he always has the last say. We fight less this way. My stubborness and obstinance don't get in the way of our marriage anymore. I love it. Him being authoritative drives me crazy and turns me on.

Why not? If you find an actual man?