Why I Joined This Group

The reason I "obey" my husband is not because religion says so. But there is a good example of how we feel about things in the Bible. I am his, and he is also mine. We address everything hand in hand, and obey each other completely. We make no demands of each other that are unreasonable, and do nothing that the other would disapprove of. I ask him to go out, and he asks me the same. I'll ask him what a good day is for us to go to my mom's or hold a dinner party, and he asks me what a good day is to invite the guys over for video games. Neither of us can run a happy, productive home without the other's full cooperation. If he is uncomfortable with me hanging out with someone, my marriage is more important than that friendship. There are exceptions to that rule that are higher than him. If someone needs help that I can give without it hurting our family, and if it's family. Those two things are beyond him. They're part of being human no matter who you're married to. But if I would care more about hanging out with my ex boyfriend than having a happy husband, why would I be married to my husband?

Before getting married, I was totally independent. I lived on my own and had my own job. When my boyfriends wanted to hang out, they could call or text me. If I was available and in the mood, we'd hang out. If I was busy, I'd tell him I was busy and he had no need to know what I was doing, and I'd tell him when I'd be available. I'm not some religious nut. My husband was not my first anything but husband. But when we met, though we'd both done our share of trouble-making and having fun, we decided we wanted this to go right. We became a team. He's my partner. I do obey him, and he obeys me and respects me. He's thankful for the work I do for our home, and I am to him for his.
tyedyegoddess tyedyegoddess
26-30, F
Jan 29, 2011