I Believe A Womans Purpose Is To Provide Pleasure And Obey Sweetly All Her Man's Wishes Without Question.

I am a very loving submissive woman looking for a husband whose every wish desire and demand I will obey without question.I have large plump breasts with big nipples a very vulumptuous body ready to quickly lubricate and accommodatewhatever and whenever my husband orders me to submit. Please sir come to Norfolk Va now and make me your beautiful loving wife who will adore and cater to my strong dominant strict husband to whom I will belong completely.
chanelle28 chanelle28
46-50, F
4 Responses Oct 8, 2012

Add me please and thank you

You sound like the perfect lady . busty , curvy and submissive ! sweet

Thank you for adding me. Although I am a very Dominant Man, I am the wrong color! However, if we were ever to hook up, I don't know that it would be an issue, because you would still have all of the bbc that you could handle.

Thank you to all of you read, commented, or could relate in any way to my story.:) I was so excited recently to be contacted by "the man of my dreams", but I guess I should not have put blind faith in the words of someone I have never even met, expecting he was to become my perfect loving husband. Now I am downhearted and discouraged but will never give up hope. I will continue to believe there is somebody loving and appreciative who deserves to be served and submissively pleasured by an obedient adoring wife.???