What's Involved?

What's involved in online sub training?
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contact me and I'll let you know

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trust and comitment are the keys to this scenario!

Strongly agree with Satalite150 your safety is the most important consideration, establish a clear dialogue with whom ever you choose to set limits. Do not rush into anything without doing research on line. Chat with people on both sides of the D/s lifestyle. Anyone that presses you to do anything you don't want toshould be avoided. Trust and respect are vital for both persons in a D/s relationship.

First you should do a little research and get some ideas in your head about what you are willing and not willing to do. Online training can only go so far. It does take trust on both side. If you are asked to do some sort of assignment then the Dom has to trust that you've done it to the best of your abilities. Some Doms may insist on proof of some kind. Photo's or video.. etc. You also have to trust that the person you've selected to train with respects what you are offering them. And you feel safe enough to send pictures, video or even video chat with them.

If a so called Dom wants you to immediately send them naked pictures of yourself then that's most likely not the person you want to work with. A real Dom will be patient and get to know you. They will take the time to learn who you are and what you want to get out of this experience. It will also let you learn who they are too. Lots of people who call themselves Doms can talk a good game for a few messages but then can's sustain it. Also most good Doms are going to want to talk a bit with you and make sure sub training is really what you are after and you aren't just messing around.

Good luck and be safe :)

Depends on what both are seeking. Compatibility is a must, cooperation and lots of patience. Understanding of the two involved private lives and a willingness to bend a little when those lives interfere. First ans foremost though is to have a deep understanding of what both are after and once again bending to some degree. Specific training depends on the subs degree of experience both sexually and about the sub/domain relationship. Some say online training can't be accomplished. I totally disagree and I base this on experience .....good luck!