The One And Only.

It is a changing world and it is speeding to self destruction everyday.
Most people on this planet see's the division of friendships, proper family ideals
and other relationships we have in our neighborhoods and work place.
The division starts with the environment in which we grow up in.
All in all want the same thing in their families beliefs.
whether the one that you are in right now or the one that you and your spouse are still dreaming about.
Safety, security, health, a little prosperity, some want a little more.

Good I hope you agree on a couple of my points.

With all the kazoo going on killing people for one man's God for the other's?
It has the whole family unit thinking way off the mark of their originally. 

Now the question has been asked a million times before, "How many God's are there, and who's in charge.
Sorry to say it folks but it would not work with more then one.

So you see one God and is the God of your soul.
The same God as everyone else gets, because there is only one God.

Whatever name you wish to call the creator of your soul.
I'm sure the Spirit, that is God that holds all things together, and sit's before past present and future,
No we could not have evolved from fish or slime both are more peaceful then mankind.
The Father of all creation loves each and everyone of us the same.
Not one of us is higher then the other the Spirit see's us in our souls and reads our heart's and minds.
Every ones journey is different and not one the same.
Some similarities but each of us and our life's individually are like a snowflake none the same.

We were created with a DNA library and it tells us we all came from the same genes.
Don't know don't care when or why there all these Religion's and God's came into the world.
But I know that religion's were created by man not God.
And that there is only one God.
He the Spirit created each and everyone of us.
Even identical twins are different and being human we are not in the spirit and can't  see or read ones heart or mind.
God can and does so with everything in the universe and beyond.
Try to be yourself and read your own heart what it is trying to tell you.
What is it to use your common sense act mature and think about all your sisters and brothers so you never have to go back on your word.

[For those of you that dead set against the thought there is no God this story is not intended to offend you in any way.]

"Take care of one another."
and thank you for loving God.

thesower thesower
Sep 16, 2012