I feel open relationships tear the whole meaning of relationship apart and it's just an excuse for people to flow around with others.
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It depends on the couple. Sometimes people need others to connect with for support

I don't agree. Sometimes my wife needs things that it is hard for me to give. She also has a high sex drive and her special friends help her with that.

I don't like that. No offense. I know it's totes up to you both but if I was in a position like that I would be rather angry that my SO has to have others satisfy her if I can't. That's a rather bond breaking act of selfishness. But that's just what I think.

Maybe the selfishness is actually in the partner who is not willing to support the other in all their wants and needs? I feel there is an inexplicable sense of deep trust and love when a relationship opens up. You don't just go straight into it, you talk. Like, REALLY talk, sharing these things is not easy and inevitably makes a couple closer. So many couples create safe little worlds so they won't be 'abandoned' by their partner. Have you heard of compersion? It's the opposite of jealousy.... a deep sense of unconditional love. This isn't to say that certain people don't abuse the open relationship status! Your Love deserves your care and attention first and foremost; problems in the bedroom take effort, and shouldn't be displaced to another partner.

Hmmm Therealjason's point of view sounds like it is full of love and support and your's, ValhallaAwauts sounds like it is full of anger, control and judgement. (so, not meant as a attack, just an observation of how your words make me feel).

Haven't we proven, as a society in general, that most humans are not naturally monogamous. I don't think I know a single person who has not cheated or been deeply hurt by a cheating partner. If we open it up and let our S.O. fulfill their needs and desires with love and support it negates the whole betrayal-lying-cheating-possessive-controlling judgement that is part of what's wrong with our cultural.

I agree to a point