I believe everything happens for a reason.

You being here is not a coincidence....It is a mathematical equation.

I believe everything falls into place as it should...we fall in love, we meet a friend, we make love, we get in a fight.  It's all controlled by a big huge mathematical equation.

It is my belief, as i have no proof, i am not mathematician.  But i dont' think humasn are smart enough to figure this equation out...i dont' think we ever will.  but there's a logical randomness to everything.  It is weird....but to me it makes sort of sense


It is all organized by math...This big huge chaos (chaos because life is so random) is sort of controlled by math.

Agaiin i'm not scientist, i have no proof...this is what I believe,

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The equation is called E= **** Happens. Oh see how smart am I? I figured it out in 0.1 of a second.

Yep, that's h ow i feel :D

They've made mathematical models of weather, but they are unsolvable and therefore can't be predicted accurately. Maybe life is the same way. It's one big unsolvable equation.

I did. :D<br />
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Totally, it would make a good one. :P

LOL ,yeah, i gotta add that to a 10 word story..LOL< cause it's ten words.. ROFL

LOL, I think that's the first step to understanding. Admitting we know nothing for sure. :D

yeah, doesn't it.....<br />
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pretty much like saying, <br />
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"All that I know is that I don't know nothing"

It makes a lot of sense to me too. :D