I Was Forced

i was first forced into pantyhose when i as around 4 or 5 by my sisters while they were babysitting me as i was being a brat. although i found that i liked wearing hose i hated it as a punishment being forced to wear them and being humiliated always stopped me from being naughty. to this day i still love to wear pantyhose and do much of the time but by doing so i still have that feeling of being submissive when wearing them.
sissypolly sissypolly 41-45, T 4 Responses Nov 12, 2010

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Lovely stories. Personally I find pantyhose too restrictive for fun. Try a nice tight corset with black nylons and some wide leg panties. Delicious

What wonderful step sisters. Are they aware of what they started?

Polly! I hate pantyhose. They are so very uncomfortable and I have ta keep pulling em up. The only time I wear "pantyhose", actually black tights, is when I do Ren Faires as Her Majesty's tax collector.

That is not a fun experience. I'd rather just wear pretty satin and lace panties and dainty widdle lace trimmed anklets but if I did that Lord Dudley would laugh so hard he couldn't arrest me and that would spoil the show.

Hey! Wear whatever gives you pleasure and to heck with my opinion.

I use to hide to wear my mums pantyhose or stockings until she caught me. She then forced me to "dress like a girl" for punishment. Little did she know that the girl she really wanted(we were 6 boys and no girls) was inside me. Thank you mum for bringing her out in the open.

I love nylons and all that is woman. It still turns me on and I am 58 now.

Let yourself go, it is a passion many share.

This site is all about EXPERIENCE.

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