Forced By Girl Friend.

   She had me shave my legs and put on pink pantyhose for a punishment. I could not get over how good they felt and went on and on as she laughed at me. I was told to wear them all weekend which she seen to it that I did. I dearly protested when she made me put them on to go to her parents place.  I had pants over them but she told her parents I had them on. Her dad laughed at me and her mother just smiled and said nothing. She told her dad that I was trying something new. I know he didn't believe the story she made up. I was scared at first but after  a minute or so he quit laughing and nothing more was said about it. That was the start of it. 
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8 Responses Nov 23, 2010

It is strange how punishment ends up the best thing that could have happened to you! Life is strange in that way!

Love to have a woman to feminise me and make me her shopping partner ...;-)

How can it be a punishment if its pure bliss?

been wearing panties 30 years and would never go back to mens underware.

It is always a Good Thing when a women or girl gets a Boy or man to waer pantyhose or other feminine clothing. Women taking the initiative in Feminizing men are the Smartest women out there!

you deserved your punishment for being so disrespectful of your girlfriend and now you are a pantyhosed pansy maybe she will be asking you if you are a ***** or maybe she will just make you a sissy ***** to laugh at even more

Asked her if she was a *****.<br />
After seeing how turned on I was she started having me cross dress all day long on weekends.

What did you do to earn the punishment? Will you repeat the offense?