Pantyhose Spanking

This happen to me both as a young adult and a lot as a adult.
When I was young on Sunday it was dress day every Sunday no matter hot or winter cold.
I was 16 1/2 I had gone to the Mall it was snowing big time and I had my learners permit So my mother had me walk out to get my anut's truck to drive it up to the door of the mall. This was normal if she had bought the store out just like almost everytime we went. But it was snowing lot this time I warmed the truck up cleaned the windows and mirrors. Pulled out felt a bump looked around didn't see anything and just kepted driving up to the door. We loaded the truck and switch spots with my mother and drove home. We pulled into the garage parked unloaded the truck went inside and started to unpack. When I heard my Anut say OMG who hit the truck
It was a little ford ranger 4 wheel drive when whole left side by the read bumper was pushed in.
My anut wasn't happy at all. Then her new friend came in and said to my mother did you do this to his truck?? I stepped up and said I think I did in the mall parking lot when I pulled out to load the truck. He was the mad He was mad at my mother for letting me use his truck with out a drivers lic. Tom said to my mother both of you should be punished. My mother stepped up and said (you are right) I was wrong! Then my mother told me you go 1st. Tom told me to go outside sit on our front porch bench and wait until he calls me. I had my skirt pantyhose on and my butt was very cold from the snow on it as I waited. About a 1/2 hour later I couldn't even feel my butt it was so cold Tom called me in. He told me to lay across his lap he lifted my skirt and paddled me on my pantyhose bottom from the 1st swat it felt like 100 bees were stinging me it hurt so much. I was in tears in no time. Plus after the spanking was done and I was laying in my room crying my butt was still warm and tingling even feeling like that until I was spanked as a adult by someone who called the same spanking a (snow Spanking) again with pantyhose on. I only got 1 spanking/paddling from Tom but I never used his truck again. But my mother did spank me a few more times like he did with pantyhose on. And even today when I get spanked I sometimes get it with pantyhose on and the warmed last longer.
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I love spanking a women's butt in pantyhose. What a site. Sheer silk covering her ***. Watching her *** cheeks turning red through the pantyhose. Simply beautiful'm honestly not sure which side of that s spanking if rather be on...

I would love to spank your pantyhose ***!
Any chance of an add?

i think being spanked in pantyhose is a very good punishment you didnt say here but did your mom receive the same punishment as you

I love spanking a girl with pantyhose on! feels good!

thanks for sharing that.