10th Dimension And Infinite Parallel Universes

This short movie explains how other dimensions can be imagined. It supports the idea that there are parallel universes, not only that but there are an infinite number of them based on every single possible outcome of every situation.

This is pretty deep. I had to watch it like 5 or 6 times to really start to understand the concept. So if it blows your mind, just give it a few tries. You might need to stop it to wrap your head around what he's saying. Once you understand everything he's talking about it really opens the mind. I specifically recommend it to be shown to disbelievers that don't think there's anything beyond the 3rd dimension.


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1 Response Oct 23, 2011

There's a very real concept that almost guarantees our immortality. If the Universe is as immense as we believe, we are assured that somewhere out there we will be born again. Someone just like you or I with identical physicality and brains. We will be born again and live a life, going in any direction that we ,ourselves, choose. Real immortality.Or perhaps our alternate Universe is a spiritual one, in which our souls having left our body's here and go to a spirit Universe where, from there, we will enter another physical Universe. NDE experiences have convinced me that this is a real possibility.