....maybe, still not sure. Hugh Everett III & Quantum Physics

Parallel universes are time particles?! Basically atoms vibrate and can be at several places at once. Nothing is fixed not even time, so this explains why someone can be seen in room where they're not, or are they? Confusing! So in theory we can be in several places at once. Quantum events split and this is how two outcomes happen, two events happening at the same time in two different realities. Many physicists now believe there are 11 dimensions. Then there is the M theory where they talk about membranes, which really just sounds like auras and energy fields to me.

I just finished watching two documentaries. Yeah, I took down notes. :p Parallel lives are actually just one life in several dimensions. It’s all about quantum mechanics and the theories are endless.
Azara Azara
31-35, F
May 16, 2012